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    Hey All, My Dog is a Bordercollie/Labrodor and its a very strong dog it's 2 years old and i bought 2 collars for him and both of them are ripped and he always pulls. What do you guys recommend as a collar that might not break

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    You could get a nice strong good quality leather collar from someone like

    I've also quite like rogz collars.... they come in funky colours!

    I took my dogs to obedience training to get them to walk nicely on a loose lead. I was shown how to use a check chain and gave lots of treats when they walked nicely. They got the hang of it very quickly, and now I can walk my girl on a flat lead without a problem.

    Do you have a dog training club nearby that you could have a few lessons with to help with loose leash walking?
    Having a dog dragging you down the road everyday is not a pleasant experience.

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    Thanks for that mate, My brother is too lazy to take him training only way it doesnt look stupid when i take him out is if where running

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    The Martingale Collar is great, it has the webbing plus the chain.

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    Try training the dog to not pull on lead, if that fails, stop being a troll

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    Stop being a troll? How are they being a troll?
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    Like Blue said, I also like Rogz. They are quite strong and also some have an extra locking system.

    Limited slips (Martingale collars) are good but you should not leave dogs with them unattended. I guess you have to treat them like choke collars.

    I also have seen leather collars, I think they are quite good as well.
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    I've found the martingale collars work well. Taking the time to really train to walk without pulling is rewarding in the long run, experiment with which collar or device works for best for you and your dog and stick to it. Steve from K9PRO has a good site for articles and the training threads on here have got some good discussions about different methods.


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    Oh and I like the Rogz range too, in martingale collars and the multifunction leads, which you can adjust with length and have clips at both ends, etc. They do have a great colour and size range, easy to adjust and I just slip the collars over the dogs heads before we go out for a walk ( they don't have collars on at home). Also, good when one has multiple dogs to have different colours for each dog.

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    I've got a rogzfordogz collar too.

    I guess you get what you pay for.

    If you want to stop the pulling - try a front attach harness like the "sensible" or the "easy walker" or the black dogs "balance harness", it clips on the dog's chest not their back and makes pulling unbalance them which discourages the pulling. It also gives you leverage on the dog, ie makes you stronger relative to the dog, in the same way a wheelbarrow lets you lift more stuff than you could without one.

    My brother is too lazy to take him training only way it doesnt look stupid when i take him out is if where running
    Why can't you take the dog to training, if it is your dog, best you do it. Maybe you could persuade your brother to give you a lift and he can stay in the car while you learn how to teach your dog to behave well? Looking stupid - is when the dog has no manners and you have no idea what to do about it.

    Training a dog that likes food should be easy. Training a dog that likes ball games is also easy. Ie dog sits - dog gets to play with the ball etc. A lab-border collie cross will be so insanely bright that if you don't train it, it will find its own ways to entertain itself that you might not like. It's already smarter than your brother.

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