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Thread: Dog Collars

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    With Geoff the Airedale, I have found that a front attach harness is the absolute bomb.

    No pulling, no choking, easy to control. It's all good. And makes learning LLW easier all round.


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    We got a staffy who like to barge ahead when walking and it puts alot of strain on the collar and he ends up choking himself, so we started walking him with one of those car harnesses, they work good and don't put all the strain on the neck, it's mostly taken by the chest.
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    I definitely agree with others in saying some serious training is needed here.
    And I would highly suggest enrolling in some obedience classes. We have classes here that run for 8 weeks and only cost $50, they are on a Sunday and you can choose morning or afternoons, most places that offer classes have a wide range of times for those who work or lead busy lives.

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    I'm a Turid Rugaas fan. Check out some of her training techniques on how to walk a dog on a loose leash.
    YouTube - Turid Rugaas - What do I do when my dog pulls - DVD Trailer

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    If you cannot get the dog to Obedience training for whatever reason then try a HaltiCollar for an instant bit of relief.The dog may fight it for the first couple of times but will settle. It will give you complete control of the dog and at least you will be able to get the dog out and about.

    I dont usually go the quick fix but if its going to get the dog exercise then yep , get one

    But its an idea once he settles in that try a martingale collar from TopDogs , they are a member here and make qaulity leather ,strong! collars,leads and harness. Leaving the halti on but using the collar lead instead of the halti lead,yes you'll be holding 2 leads but its honestly not that hard.

    Very interested in seeing how you go with him
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    Hope these links will help you pick a collar/leash and to maybe train your dog...

    -> How to Pick the Right Collar and Leash: Part 1 | Golden Retriever Training

    -> How to Pick the Right Collar and Leash: Part 2 | Golden Retriever Training

    -> Golden Retriever Training: Here's How You Can Have Your Retriever Walking On A Leash Today | Golden Retriever Training

    -> Training A Golden Retriever - 6 Tips To Stop Your Golden Retriever Pulling On The Leash | Golden Retriever Training

    I do agree that you should try to train your dog. Clicker training is quite simple and easy. Especially for a dog like yours who loves food and play.

    This could help you:

    -> Free Video

    Hope these help!!! Good luck!

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