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Thread: Help! What Breed?

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    Dogs Clubs. I'm only repeating what I have been told while working. "She's a Pit Bull but if anyone asks she's an Amstaff. I won't be allowed to do dog club otherwise".
    As far as im aware, wearing a muzzle in public is a law under BSL. So maybe you are breaking the law? I don't know.
    It would absolutely break my heart to be constantly trying to reassure people my Pit Bull is the sweetest most beautiful dog around. To see people afraid and not wanting to touch her/him or cross the street to not be near her/him would be devastating! I would be so upset that people couldn't see how much love I have for the dog and how much love the dog has for other people.

    IMO Pit Bulls(or any 'dangerous' breed[Rottis, GSDs, Dobets etc.]) Arn't a breed for just anyone, they do need to be treated differently. You can't 'let' a PB get away with things some may let a Maltese get a away with.
    For example, Lady I suppose is classified as 'unpredictable' with other dogs and has been in 2 fights and come off needing antibiotics.
    Can you imagine if she was a PB!? Because she's a Kelpie, no one thinks twice cause she isn't a breed seen as vicious. I don't want to live in fear thinking something bad will happen and because of the breed the dog will be treated differently.
    If BSL didn't exist, if people saw the PB as they see the Shih Tzu, I would own one in a heart beat.
    I don't feel I would be as responsible as a Pit Bull owner should be, thats all.
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    What is a pit bull really? At the moment the BSL as implemented by many councils make it a kind of beauty contest - they judge by appearance. But if we were talking Labradors or any other pure bred dog, there would have to be papers affiliated with the ANKC stating that the parents of this dog were pitbulls. Etc.

    I think in actual fact, there are hardly any true pitbulls that would be eligible for papers.

    Now the cross breeds - given there are so few true pitbulls to cross with... how can they have many puppies? Unless councils decide that Amstaff x is the same as a pitbull. Which isn't actually true. The original legislation which is customs (imports) law, doesn't mention cross breeds of the banned breeds.

    prohibited and restricted imports

    The dogs being bred in Australia to fight, may or may not be related to pit bulls, they're probably complete bitzas - mix of anything that likes shredding other dogs or animals. I think you'd have to make laws to ban the deed, and ban breeding from dogs used in dog fights. I think laws like this are already in place, but with bombers and murderers and drunk drivers to catch - police aren't that interested unless it's handed to them on a plate.

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    Hi Laura,
    Why does everyone want a staffy but a schnauzer here?

    They are very trainable and will go distance when needed.
    Today at the off leash dog park, two dogs were fighting and every other ran to see them fighting. My minis wanted to go but he did not...why...because I said "stay".

    Perhaps you can go to a dog park and see....just a suggestion.
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