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Thread: Companion Dog - What Can You Do and Where Can You Go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crested_Love View Post
    I go to a horse shop regularly and they have no problem with me bringing my pup in, they even tell me to pop him up on the counter so they can all go ga ga over him.
    They do the same when you wander in with your leash trained cat.

    I've never tried to take dogs into places other than horse stores, pet supplies and bike shops. But Peg reguarly comes to the yacht club, pub and cafes, most will even bring her out a bowl of water, one even puts lemon in it.

    It comes down to training, as others have said. If your dog is being a nusiance and disrupting other customers you are likely to be given your marching orders. On the oher hand when the are behaving they pretty much go unnoticed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fitnhealthy View Post
    Thank you everyone for your information. We are working on training at the moment. I don't know if to ask this here or search for info from the forum, but what do you do when Neddie pulls to go towards every dog or cat he sees on a walk, then growls or snaps if they come too close?

    I have read contradicting information. Spray bottle, but he already seems to be scared of water so am hesitant to use this method. Walking the opposite direction, but if he is pulling sideways not sure how this helps. Or yanking on the lead and saying no or leave it.

    What do you think?

    Hope these help:
    -> Free Video (for clicker training - very simple procedure)

    -> Training A Golden Retriever - 6 Tips To Stop Your Golden Retriever Pulling On The Leash | Golden Retriever Training (to avoid pulling)

    Good luck!!!

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