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    I am really getting sick and tired of training my dog. No matter how hard I tried, spending time and effort to train him, he just can't follow. Sometimes it makes me think he's dumb and I am dumber. -sigh- Is there a possibility to make my dog as smart as this? So well trained dog

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    What methods do you use? Classical? Some dogs respond better to different methods than others. One of mine I have only been able to teach anything by using clicker training, whereas one of the others practically teaches himself, and I just add the command.

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    Don't expect your dog to understand more than a 2 year old child. The dogs that look really clever - have what they do broken down into tiny pieces and each bit is taught separately and then joined together. The art is in teaching all the broken up stuff.

    Look up clicker training, get yourself something yummy like roast chicken and don't do more than five minutes on any single thing.

    PS what is in the video is called "dancing with dogs" and there are clubs to teach you how to do it.
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    I use clicker training for my husky, it works and she is one stubborn, independent girl!

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