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Thread: Boof & Lilly..... We Wanted Our Morning Pat!

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    Wink Boof & Lilly..... We Wanted Our Morning Pat!

    Boof and Lilly, well ...... they escaped this morning. I got a phone call at 7.05am from my mum asking me if I was missing something? What I ask? Two little black things? UH OH..... we found the spot they got out under the fence, although we have no idea how Boof squeezed his head through!

    (paint the picture.... all the houses on our side of the street back on to open land/cane paddocks/unbuilt on new estate, one end of the street was established 20 odd years ago, our end only last year, mum and dad live 8 houses from us into the old section, we are the first house in the new section. When we walk we often go down through the established section of the new estate and up the headland to the unbuilt but developed section, which is immediately behind our block. From their we go around the 'old' block which takes us to the old end of our street, which we obviously walk down to go home, but we pit stop at mum n dad's for their morning pats n hugs and chat, then we walk the 8 doors home for breakky)

    So this morning, they got out under the corner of the back fence which is open cane paddock/unbuilt on new estate. We think they ran up the back of the houses along the headland of the cane paddocks to the end of the street that runs adjacent to ours (at the old end), then came down our street to mum and dad's for their morning pat, mum heard their tags jingling down the road so like normal opened the front door and went out, they bounded up on to the patio for their pats, but mum and dad were a little confused as we never let them run up there normally, they just walk up with us on their leads, so she went out to look for us but nope obviously we weren't there, so into their backyard they go and we got a phone call.

    I guess they figured if we weren't out of bed by 7am they were going to walk themselves, they hadn't been out for long as they were still full of beans, they tire very quickly. As naughty as they are for getting out, we could hardly be too cranky considering they basically went straight to grandma and pops the way we always walk there, LOL! Needless to say we DON'T want it happening again. So......

    What is OH doing today? Putting in the electric fence around the perimeter where it may be possible for them to get out and drowning that particular corner of the fence with citronella oil. We already had gutter guard everywhere there was a slight gap, including that corner (although we didn't think big enough for Boof to get his head through and Lilly won't go anywhere without Boof) just to be sure, but apparently that's not good enough for them, they just rearrange it to suit their agenda, it was attached to the timber fence and the bottom covered with a concrete paver..... they moved that too.

    Luckily they are tagged etc and plenty of people in the local area know them well enough to call them and ring us should they see them out, however if we have our way they will never be out again with out us and their leads!

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    ha ha little ratbags

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    Hi Shelby,

    You are not alone. We had a few tricky moments. We live in a place you can see cars all the time. My Chookie Not Yet Cookie (s/tzu) digs when left alone. We do carry on weekly gate maintenance. I have designed a gate barrier. Until my partner makes the barrier he stays in our bedroom when left alone. Luckily he is really good with toileting.
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    Oh yes..... tricky they were, lil terrors!

    And.... issue with the electric fence.... gggrrrr.... but in the meantime, besser blocks are covering the gap in the multitudes.

    I head home from work in about half hour and they OH left them at about 5pm so fingers crossed his 'dog proofing' has worked. If not, lets hope they run to grandma and poppy's again!
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    Phew... they were still home! Here's hoping they don't try that trick again in a hurry!

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    You are very lucky this time.
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    oh we know.... don't worry.

    Have taken measures to stop.... but considering we didn't think there was ANY WAY.... Boof would 'fit' out the yard, sometimes you only 'think' you've got the situation covered. But we certainly have done all we think we can to stop it EVER happening again. It's not a nice feeling.

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