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Thread: Anyone Out There Have an Aussie?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wuffles View Post
    Thanks for your comments

    She is an average sized female, she is 50cm tall at the shoulder and weighs 19kg.

    Her colouring does not occur often, if you google Aussie pics you won't find any that look like her! She is most likely a strangely marked blue merle and she does have tan points on her back legs and tail. Her parents are a normally marked blue merle and a normally marked black tricolour. Her siblings are all also normally marked. The genes that dictate how much white they get and in what pattern can be a bit unpredictable.

    She definitely does not meet the ANKC colour standard for the breed because of the amount of white on her, but the rest of her conformation is lovely
    Blue merle, black, red merle, red - all with or without white markings and/or tan (copper) points, with no order of preference. The hairline of a white collar does not exceed the point of the withers at the skin. White is acceptable on the neck (either in part or as a full collar), chest, legs, muzzle underparts, blaze on head and white extension from underpart up to four inches measuring from a horizontal line at the elbow. White on the head should not predominate and the eyes must be fully surrounded by colour and pigment. Merles characteristically become darker with increasing age.
    Disqualifications: White body splashes, which means white on body between withers and tail, on sides
    Wow, there must be a large difference in size between Males and Females
    How old is Wuffles? because Koda weighed 15 kg at 4 months, and i am expecting him to weigh one heck of a lot when he is fully grown!

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    There can be quite a variation in size. Ava is 11 months old so I expect she will probably be about 20kg fully grown. I keep her lean. She did grow very fast until about 7 months and then slowed down very quickly!

    Males definitely grow bigger, it depends on the lines as to how big they get. Ava's dad is not a huge dog. Most of the males I've met have been between 25 and 30kg...

    The preferred height for males is 51-58.5 cm (20-23 ins) and females 45.5-53.5 cm (18-21 ins). Quality is not to be sacrificed in favour of size.

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