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Thread: Toy/Mini Poodle - Good Companion Dogs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fitnhealthy View Post
    Hello All and thank you for all your advice.

    I ended up getting so confused with the research etc, so I went to RSPCA on Saturday to have a look at all the adult dogs (which better suits my current situation) and found Neddie. When I said hello to him throuh the cage and he cocked his head to listen, I knew he might be for me...

    We spent a little time together in the big pen, and he was such a relaxed not fussed dog. Came when I called him etc.

    So I adopted him, little Neddie, 3 year old Jack Russell x Australian Terrier.

    He seems like he has been really well trained, he heels even off the lead on the beach. This is my first dog and he is perfect. Great little personality, just need to socialize him with other dogs (at the moment he snaps, but already improving just from our beach walks) and needs to get used to my cats. My cats like him, but he snaps at them if they get too close, other then that he doesn't care about them.

    Here he is:
    What a handsome boy!!!! A great choice. He looks like my minis (i shall add my minis' sitting position in my album). All the best.
    Don't forget the competition s/tzu rescue boy and minis will be there.
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    I can't even explain how pleased I am you adopted. Im even more pleased that you adopted an adult
    Its fair enough though, look at those eyes and brown ears. Gorgeous!
    Good luck with Neddie. Hope you hang around the forum
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    So happy for you and Neddie.

    What a clever dog. Aussie Terrors can be quite snappy so it's just a matter of taking the fun / reward out of it, eg dog goes on floor or is not allowed to greet other dogs until he can be polite.

    Unfortunately - ours grew up with teenage children - so a bit hard for her. She never bit anyone who didn't thoroughly deserve it.

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    Thank you everyone. We are very happy and bonding more every day.

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