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Thread: British or Aussie Bulldog?

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    Question British or Aussie Bulldog?

    Hi everyone

    I've been on here a few times making posts about diff breeds of dogs.

    I've been researching sooooo many breeds and now I've decided on a breed that will suit me and my lifestyle.

    My question is...

    British or Aussie?

    I adore the British bulldogs, but I'm aware they are very prone to health problems. The Aussie.. I'm not sure about as I haven't done a lot of research.

    Does anyone here own/or have owned one in the past?

    I like hearing from people who have owned the breed or have had them in the family etc

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    I dont own one but like the Aussie a great deal

    The Aussie seems much more athletic and airway problems appear lessened.

    But I guess it depends on your own personal tastes really.
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    Aussie Bulldogs are supposed to be healthier, but British Bulldog breeders are changing the way they choose their breeding pairs - it's no good having a dog that can't have a natural birth. So the overall health is improving.

    Aussie Bulldogs are not a recognised breed yet, so finding a responsible breeder or getting papers from them is harder. There is one person who promises Aussie Bulldogs with papers but is basically a scammer (takes your money and gives you nothing). Unfortunately I don't know details so I can't help you avoid him.

    Which ever way you go, try to get as many of these boxes ticked off as you can. Ie do meet both parents of the puppies etc.

    What is a responsible companion animal breeder? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase
    and read the smart puppy buyer's guide pdf at the bottom

    and avoid these
    RSPCA NSW - Pet Shops & Puppy Mills

    RSPCA would like you to take a puppy from rescue but if you don't want to do that, they want you to buy from a responsible breeder.

    Most puppies in pet shops are from puppy mills and you should avoid the shop altogether. And you don't want to buy from a back yard breeder who doesn't do all the health checks on the parent dogs to ensure the puppies will be the best they can be genetically with good temperment. Most of the RSPCA puppies would be from these, but at least you're not encouraging the source.

    There's also this site which is great for all advice doggy.
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    Cheers for the info.

    I'm quite aware of Puppy Mills, Pet stores and back yard breeding.

    I know the aussie is not a reconigsed breed... But I'm considering it due to "better" health than the british. I would be devastated if I bought a british and he/she ended up with major heatlh issues. Not a nice way to live.

    I did a search on here and found a GORGEOUS aussie from Warra Aussie bulldogs and I quickly googled them (at work atm) and wrote down the number.

    If you could find the info on the scammer eventually I'd be really greatful for it.

    Also, I work 9 - 5 Mon - Fri and don't get home until about half 6...

    However, after work and on weekends the little family member shall be coming everywhere with me

    Also, for the aussie what is the price range? I've seen heaps from BYB for $600 or lower O_o I was expecting to pay anywhere from $1000 - $2000 for one?

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    Probably Australian for me just for patriotic value lol, theres some diffrences between 'Aussie' and 'Australian' Bulldogs.

    The Aussies can still be interbred with the brittish bulldogs, but Australian Bulldogs are usually from generations of Australian to Australian breeding. aAt least thats what it says on the Australian Bulldog site, not the aussie one.

    I think you just have to be carefull with finding good breeders with either the british or AU , as they have such a high price tag they seem to be very attratcive to puppy peddlers without the dogs interest at heart.
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    I have know an Australia Bulldog who has come to the dog park. She is just lovely. She still has heavy breathing but seems really healthy and good temperament but at the same time will tell other dogs off when needed.
    Everyone just loves her.
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    I used to breed Aussies.

    They are better with higher percentage British, otherwise they turn out like Americans.

    The breed is still very inconsistent because they aren't an established breed yet.

    To me they are still a cross breed, because they are still being put back to a foundation dog and most are still only first or 2nd generation.

    They don't come from puppy mills by the way

    I'd personally go a British, because they are an established breed and you know what you are getting, although you pay a few thousand dollars more.

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    I'm pretty sure the scammer was discussed in here somewhere by someone having trouble getting the papers, maybe someone who knows will PM you the details. It's also a common scam for a certain person to advertise expensive hard to get dogs like Newfies for sale - take a deposit or full price and then deliver nothing. All based on an internet site. I think this was discussed in here also.

    All I can recommend is go through the responsible breeder checklist. If you can visit where the parent dogs live and meet them and see where the puppies will be housed, this is your best way of avoiding scammers - who won't want you to see what is going on.

    The other way is to go by word of mouth. Find a way to meet up with a group of owners eg a show or social event - via the breed club website - and ask them about their dogs and where they got them from.

    Getting the right puppy takes as long as it takes. You might get lucky and find one that was returned or a had a buyer pull out - bad luck can happen to anyone, or you may have to wait in the queue, but if you've found a breeder and made friends and met their dogs, you're on your way.

    This looks like the peak body for Australian Bulldogs - but you'd need to check.
    Australian Bulldog Society Inc.

    The British Bulldogs can be found via the ANKC affiliated organisation for your state or territory.
    Australian National Kennel Council
    via the contact us page.
    I had a quick look at the breed standard and they still haven't changed the bit about head as large as possible. I suppose a head so large as requiring c-section - is a little bit beyond "naturally" possible.

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    Thanks for all the information!

    I'm not expecting to find a pup for months or possibly over a year.

    I had someone email me last night with gorgeous Australian male pups for sale, but I'm after a female.

    I had no idea the Aussie was different from the Australian bulldog.

    Also, I do not understand the high % number. I've seen many British and Aussie bulldogs with this (some 81% some a bit lower)

    I think I will probably go with an Australian Bulldog over the British because one it's AUSSIE hehe and secondly ... I think I'm in love with them.

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    I suggest you go to Bulldogs Australia to find a good Australian bulldog. Aussie and Australian are the same.. Australian bulldogs are what the ABS call them, but they are the same.

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