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Thread: Sick Whippet

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    jess our 12 y.old whippet is sick, vomited last night and has been listlless all day. she has some muscle trembling and urine has leaked. She was bitten by a snake some years ago and signs were very different. Any ideas

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    Straight to the vet.

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    wish it were that easy, long way to vet

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    Oh that makes it hard. Do you think she has eaten something that she shouldn't have?
    Maybe someone else will be able to give advice.

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    not sure, she has just had a drink which is a first for the day

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    If she has a temperature I would say some sort of infection. Is she sore/tender in her abdomen?

    If no temperature she may have anything else going on, from a bad sprain to an organ failure.

    She will certainly need to see a vet to get a diagnosis. Reading your first post again I would be straight away looking for a temp as she could have an infection going on - if that's the case she will need antibiotics.

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    Thanks, will try and get a temp reading.

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    If she's got something stuck in her gut, it could kill her. Straight to vet.

    What was in the vomit?

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    the vomit was yellow and had chunks of white bits. She seems a bit better this morning and has ha d a drink again. I think she will need a day of sleeping not that she does much else. Thanks for your help. Will take to vet if she does not appear better when she gets up. Quite a few hours away so thats why I wanted some help last night

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    I was wondering how she was. Keep fluids up as you don't want her to get dehydrated and small bland meals of boiled chicken and rice.
    Has she been to the toilet number 2's?

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