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Thread: Getting a Job As an Rspca Inspector

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    Default Getting a Job As an Rspca Inspector

    I figured since this is a dog forum that someone may know!. It seems to be one of those careers that is impossible to find information on.

    Does anyone know what qualifications you need?.


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    I went to a seminar there when I wanted to volunteer work, they also talked about the different jobs. That was awhile ago though. Have you tried calling them?
    Sorry that wasn't much help,

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    Training in investigations. Sorry, I only know Canberra, but courses like this:

    Government (Investigation) - Certificate IV : Canberra Institute of Technology

    You have to be in the job before starting this sort of course. Positions as inspectors come up rarely, there aren't very many. So the best way is to submit a CV and expression of interest to the RSPCA you want to work with, and keep an eye on their website for advertised vacancies. Keep in touch with their HR manager so they know about you.

    Most State RSPCAs have a website where any positions vacant are advertised:

    ACT - RSPCA ACT - Paid Positions

    NSW - RSPCA NSW - Positions Vacant

    etc etc...

    Many Inspectors come from previous investigative positions, like police. Something like the Bachelor of Policing through Charles Sturt University in NSW would be good, but to complete it you need to work for the police for at least a year.

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    I had heard about the police part but wasn't sure if that was correct. Damn it.

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