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    Hello all, I am back from our holiday to Europe! We were away for four weeks, while it was fantastic we did miss Ziggy an awful lot. She was babysat by my mum for a few weeks and was in a "dog motel" when she had to go back home. They gave her a bath and now she smells beautiful (although she did want to undo all their hard work by going for a swim in swamp water this morning ). We are very happy to be back with her.

    Europe was quite interesting from the perspective of a dog owner too. Dogs are more accepted in public, almost all bars, resturants and cafes allow dogs to visit with their owners. Dogs are also allowed in almost all parks, and on trains, trams and most shops. As a result there were lots of dogs in public, which was great to see. Not too much dog poop around the place either. Most people had small dogs, although there were a few larger dogs as well. Many male dogs were not desexed either; I am not sure if Europe has the same problem with unwanted pups as here. All in all I'd say the dogs in public was a good idea, they all seemed well behaved too, hardly any incidents that I saw between dogs, only a bit of barking here and there.

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    Welcome back Tina!

    Ziggy must have gone crazy when she saw you.

    I hate to see dog poops in front of my house. I am thinking of change my signature to:
    I curse on people who do not clean after their dogs' poops. abradabra surisuri go suri to suri hell.

    Sorry talk to much...i'd better go back to work
    I love cooking but I love eating even more.

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