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Thread: Why the Pugalier is Such a Daft Idea

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    Default Why the Pugalier is Such a Daft Idea

    A bit of a history lesson
    A loooooong time ago there was a breed loved by a King (Charles). It was a spaniel from England which was bred for hunting and companionship (and to keep the rich Womans feet warm). The dog had a long nose, flat skull and high set ears, and was called the King Charles toy spaniel. For a long time it was the most popular breed in the UK and USA.

    Later on the Pug became very fashionable so to bring the King Charles Toy Spaniel back from imminent extinction, breeders decided to cross them with the pug to make their noses pushed in, so they would be more "fashionable" and appealing.

    In the 1920's an American guy called Roswell Eldridge who was a King Charles enthusiast went to some King Charles Toys Spaniel shows in England and was disappointed to see them with cone shaped heads, low set ears and pushed in noses.
    He had always loved the original type, so be paid breeders heaps of cash to breed the pug OUT of them and get them with long noses and flatter skulls with high set ears. He offered a cash prize to the breeder who could get them the closest to the original breed as possible. This line became known as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
    Although they still have cone shaped skulls, they are a bit larger then the King Charles Toy Spaniels, their noses aren't pushed in and their ears are set high like piggy tails.

    So basically a Cavalier is a King Charles Toy Spaniel with the pug breed OUT of them. So as you can see, putting the pug back in to them is pointless, because the breed already exists The difference between a pugalier and a King Charles is that one is an actual recognized breed with traceable bloodlines and the other is bred from tossers who have no idea of the history of the breed so it's a ridiculously stupid idea.

    It's like getting a de-frosted fozen yogurt, or a decaf with a spoon of caffeine, or an unflavoured chocolate milk

    Anyone for a glass of defrosted ice?

    Oh yeh that would be water

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    I never knew that!

    Thanks Pugger, you learn something new everday!
    Education not Legislation

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    I've read so much about the King Charles breed, because I wub them

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    Don't forget the King Charles Spaniel still exists:

    They and Cavaliers are two separate breeds.

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    where i come from in england, hampshire. King Charles Cavaliers are not legally allowed to be refused entry to ANYWHERE. This is an old law, passed by the breeds most famous fan, king charles himself, and never has the rule been overturned, ie. its still enforceable.
    Therefore, should a cavalier, feel the need to get into a pug, who are you to say no eh?

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