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    Default Suggestions Welcomed!

    I am currently looking to buy a pup; not in so much of a rush, taking my time to find the right dog for me, and the dog that will do best with me.

    There are too many decisions! I have contacted two breeders at present- Chow Chows and Keeshonds. So around that size is preferably what I am looking for. Does any one have experience with these breeds? I'd love a Kees, but have read that they love everybody, which isn't a bad thing, I just would like a dog that will primarily attach to me and be "my dog". And I know generally speaking Chows are one person dogs but often aloof and not so good with other dogs/people; I would still like to take it to the doggie beach and take it out and about. So I need some sort of happy medium; any ideas?

    With the Chows, being raised in that environment would they adapt, or is that characteristic/behaviour to bred in?

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    I love Keeshonds but they are extremely independent dogs - they make Huskies look like loving lap dogs lol. Wonderful animals once you get them onside and interested though

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    I do know that Chows are aloof dogs, but that shouldn't worry you too much. Early socialising should make all the difference. If you have your dog from a youngster you should be able to influence their adult behaviour by the way you raise the.
    My breeds are known for their aloofness - but they are out and about from a young age, dog parks, people parks (nothing like kids noise and movement for desensitising young dogs!) etc and although they are very attached to me and their family they don't have fear issues with strange people or dogs.

    Chows are gorgeous, but so are Kees... Big dilemma for you!!

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