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Thread: Council Stole My Dog??!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    I really think a dog rego disk and a phone number tag on a collar is cheap insurance for a dog - along with the microchip. I'm not sure if vets have access to the national microchip database address info or not (and there's more than one database sigh). They may only know if it's a customer of theirs. Not sure. Maybe Myf can answer that.
    Yep, there are four national microchip databases.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    You can get something called a "break away" collar that would come undone if the dog got stuck on something. I'd like to get one of those for my dog when she's home on her own.
    I bought these for both my dogs and came home from work one day and one was up a tree (collar that is). They were only wearing them for a few days. I think they come off too easily but it's better than nothing if they get out, at least there's a chance it might stay on. I don't put collars on my dogs either because they are too dangerous in my opinion.

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    I think you have to take into account your circumstances. We have 8 foot fences and the large gate is padlocked. We also have a lot of decking.
    I do agree that a dog can be rehomed a lot quicker if the owners current number is on their tag.
    And by law in Vic if a stray is handed into a vet scanned and micro chipped he still has to call the ranger.

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    I have "break away" collars on my dogs for when I am not at home. They have the dogs' names and my mobile number stitched into them. They're far from ideal, but I wont leave collars on when I am not home. I've installed key lock gates which can only be unlocked from the inside... it's probably the best option from a bad bunch... And now with the new legislation, it seems they may have to wear them while out with me as it now an offense to have your dog on public property without it's council ID tags (in Vic). Given I use a variety of collars and training tools depending on what I am doing, it's impossible to have the ID tags on just one thing....

    But, back to the OP... glad your dog is safe, but dismayed to hear your story... a bit difficult to swallow when the facts are so scant....

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