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Thread: Sleeping in Summer

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    Yep it kills flies to, they smell funny when they burn because they don't drop off quick enough. It has 3 12 inch purple bulbs and stands roughly 10 inches high, is 14 ish inches wide but only like 3 inches deep.

    We had one if those fly catches from bunnings and damn it stunk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nick DELAS View Post
    hey guys i just stumbled upon this website today but seriously if anyone has any info on where to get these dogs please email me my email is then you can add me on facebook and we can talk, and thank you to who ever sends me an email in regards to this dog ive always wanted this breed i just didnt know it was available in this country.
    Did you really mean to post in puggers thread about sleeping outdoors? What breed are you trying to get hold of exactly?

    Or have I just fallen right into a troll trap?

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    nick DELAS, it is best you start a new thread as this one is so old and a different topic.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    We have french doors from both the bedroom and Lounge room onto a huge screened verandah ( 56'x 18') ..Ours cruise in and out. They love their verandah.......So do I on really hot nights, because I hate AC
    Pets are forever

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    My dogs dont really go outside at all at the moment, they sleep inside.

    they have been outdoors only in the past too.

    Sleeping arrangements/indoor outdoor ratio doesnt really change in the summer. I usually pop a fan on for them but they are never interested

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    Smile inside rules

    my babies get the choice but always choose to stay inside in comfort at night in fact right this minute my M V curly coat is nuzzling me telling me it is time for bed! He is particularly close to me and sleeps either beside my bed next to me or under the bed, right below me and when husband leaves for work joins me in bed. I don't mind at all, our dogs are well looked after and very clean and they are as much a part of my family as the kids and husband.

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    The only difference between summer and winter here is in in winter they sleep on the bed under the covers and in summer they spread out all over the bed fighting for best position in front of the fan.

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    Your dogs the most spoiled dogs in the universe Crested.

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