Ok so I know this has probably been discussed a billion times on here but I'm still relatively new to the whole owning a puppy thing and I'm trying to think of ways I can entertain a very excitable 9 month old golden retriever.
I found a post that recommended the aussie dog home alone toy which I could hang from the patio. Seems great but then I thought, would this just encourage him to then take to the washing on the line?
He can be very destructive whilst he is home alone and I'm at work. Everything from digging holes, chewing on the trees to even moving his couch around. Just yesterday I realised he has even had a go at chewing on the washing line handle!
I know he's just a puppy and I have to expect he is going to be distructive and I know he is just bored but every toy I get for him he destroys, I give him a bone and that entertains him for an hour or so (a kong does the same) then he'll go and start ripping his bed apart. I can surround him with toys but he seems to have a short attention span and gets bored easily.
The most obvious thing to do is fence everything off that I don't want him in, but if I do that he'll end up having no freedom!
Saw another suggestion of building him a sand pit to dig in, does this then just encourage digging in the garden? I guess I'm just worried I am giving him the wrong ideas.
Something I have tried and had some success with was putting one of his poop's in a hole he had dug and covering it over. Seems he went back to it but discovered the poop and stopped digging there! Don't really want to have poop buried everywhere though!
I can put up with some of the destruction as I value my dog more than a nicely kept lawn, I just don't want him to be bored (and at some point I would like to have a vegie garden again!)
PS: This is the same dog who when I take him for walks, he'll stop and sit down then won't move. I'm beginning to think he doesn't realise he is a dog, he seems to think he is human......