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    Can anyone recommend the best product they have found?

    So far I have looked at suncorp, and medibank private.

    Comparison Suncorp Medibank
    Cost (2 dogs) $390 $372
    Cover Accident Accident
    Per claim
    (ongoing & initial) $2000

    Per Year $8000
    Excess $?? $100 per issue (not claim)
    Illness not covered not covered

    That's a pretty basic run down of the policies but any one that knows of a great product I'd be greatly appreciated. Medibank do offer illness cover but it is very expensive.

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    I looked into pet insurance but found it was better to do a deal with the vets (or open a pet account at the bank) to pay $20 a fortnight only to be used on unexpected illness or accident not on annual injections.

    That is just me I hate paying money for other people to get interest on and that I may never use, I like knowing my money will also transfer over to another animal.

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