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Thread: Puppy Factories.

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    Default Puppy Factories.

    We all know what they are.
    I have done my part, I just wanted to post this video on the website 'Oscars Law'.
    Its incredibly upsetting, im sitting here crying, but its a true eye opener.
    Its worth the watch, it just makes me more determined to eliminate them.

    Oscar's law
    Education not Legislation

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    Sh!t I am crying my eyes out again.

    I just want to rescue every single one of them and love them.

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    did you go to the rally... it was amazing... so many people all with one aim... WHAT DO WE WANT... OSCARS LAW... WHEN DO WE WANT IT... NOW....

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    I missed it because it was my 5 year old sons birthday

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    This is terrible ..... i have happilly posted that link to my facebook page so anyone I know can see the terrible conditions these dogs are kept in and the importance of knowing where the puppy you are buying is coming from.

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    The rally was amazing. And the people who organized it, you did an awesome job.
    I think it was organized in 7 weeks or so.
    So keep it going and educate the public. These places can no longer exsist.

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    I couldn't make the rally as i live in tassie but i have my t-shirt ordered!!

    A huge congrats and thanks needs to go to the organisers of Oscar's law and the rally.

    We need to stop this brutallity

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