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Thread: De-sexing with Male Dog

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    Default De-sexing with Male Dog

    Just wondering if it is normal for a male dog not to urinate for 24 hours after being de-sexed?

    Poor darling was so sleeping when he came home yesterday but today my king size man (25 kilo) was sitting on my lap and giving me kisses. Hubby thinks it is highly amusing when he sits on me because I am all of 5 foot and 50 kilos.

    ETA...How come dogs don't get pain killers after being cut open, I had my tubes tied and I used pain killers for two days do dogs have higher pain levels then humans?
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    Good question re: pain killers.... my boy came home with some pain relief pills. Just 24 hours worth. Perhaps this depends on the vet?

    As for peeing- I think Villain was peeing pretty well straight away after he "woke up" properly. But then, he had blood clotting issues, so all I really remember clearly is 10 days of keeping a 14 month old Dobermann quiet so his blood pressure stayed low- his empty "pouch" filled with blood to the size of a cricket ball and it was all very scarey.

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    My Hauser did not show any discomfort after surgery and pain killer was not given to me so he did not have any.
    I think my minis has high pain threshold.....he just does not complain....the other day when we cleaned the house, we found black nail almost 1 cm or a bit longer which we assumed Hauser's!!!! we did check his nails....they were all there but one stage he must have been in pain but he never showed any bleeding or pain..poor thing

    the only complaint he has is when i groom his beard...yes he hates it
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    hi there,

    when our little boy was de-sexed he didn't pee for around 12-15hrs. I think maybe it was too uncomfortable? he did have some pain relief so I don't know whether it made him numb so maybe he couldn't feel anything.

    we were quite worried by this at the time. we just kept taking him to his spot and encouraging him to go every few hours. when he eventually did go, it was a MASSIVE one, and he actually did it sitting down...which is why i thought it had something to do with the pain.

    I hope this helps and wish you best of luck.

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    I think most dogs/animals after surgery take time to have a pee.
    If you are concerned give your vet a call, but I would guess by now he would have had a long pee.
    Boys bounce back pretty quick unlike females. I have seen the procedure done a few times
    and it's done so fast.

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