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Thread: Might Be Getting a New Pup, Advice Please!.

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    Default Might Be Getting a New Pup, Advice Please!.

    Hey everyone!.

    We might be getting a puppy in a few weeks, I haven't had a puppy for almost 5/6 years so I am a bit nervous.. Especially since my boy was a heavenly puppy with no problems at all. I seriously scored the perfect puppy when I got him but I dought this will happen again.

    So, I know I'll need some items but is there anything else you guys can think of I might need?.

    1. Water Bowl and Food Bowl
    2. Leash, Collar, and Pet ID Tag
    3. Dog Food
    4. Dog Bed
    5. Dog Crate
    6. Dog Toys
    7. Dog Treats

    Also, she is a ACD x Bull Terrier. I was hoping if anyone could tell me if they've had an experience with this mix or a dog with this mix or just the breed in general?.


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    She is cute. Hard to say when you have a mix.
    Have you met the parents of the pup?
    All I can advise is training / obedience classes.
    Good luck.

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    Beautiful pup, sounds like you are pretty well prepared... there'll always be the last minute rush out and buy it bits and pieces, but you've got it well covered for the basics IMHO. I concur with looking around for good training facilities.

    Good Luck!

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    Before You Get Your Puppy | Dog Star Daily

    Both ACD and Bull Terriers benefit from formal obedience training. If the Cattle Dog in the puppy dominates - you will need to work hard to stop her from chasing joggers, mowers, bikes and cars. Be very firm and consistent and praise loads when you get her attention back.

    Both the ACD and Bull Terrier can be dog aggressive if not socialised enough with other dogs. Once the vaccinations are in full effect, you need to get your dog out to as many different doggy places as possible so she's meeting new dogs as often as possible. Ideally every day. And if you want her to be good around children, same thing. Find willing kids and parents to give her loads of gentle supervised pats and cuddles. When she's small. When she's big, it's hard to convince anyone to take the risk.

    These things are probably true of most any breed of dogs, it's just bad behaviour is less accepted in the bigger stronger breeds than the small fluffy ones.

    So I'd add to your list.
    Tame vet - for making sure the vaccinations are complete, and the worming and flea treatments are happening.
    Tame vet - for puppy pre-school. Pays to ask around in your local area for a good one. Don't commit money until you've done one session and are happy with the way things are run. Trust your gut on this one. A great puppy school, well supervised is a boon but a bad one where dogs are ripping into each other can ruin a puppy's confidence long term.

    And then there is dog obedience club. Again - find one that you feel good about going to. If the first one you check out doesn't feel right, find another. Dog clubs are also great places for getting your doggy social skills up to scratch. Just make sure, before allowing your dog to greet any other dog - you ask the other owner if it's ok with them. But you knew that, right?

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    Such a cute puppy ♥

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