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    I have been away for two days, have just come back and noticed Roxie is really RED. Like a gingerbread red. When we got her, she had a black nose, a black back and a black tail. The black on her back is actually thinning, the red has creeped in so much that it's brindle, so she just has this black stripe. Her nose is also now pink.

    The tip of her tail went red awhile back too, the rest is following, but now I have noticed her ears and the fluffy bit on her neck below them, and also her front legs are really red too.

    She's around 2.5 years, I would have thought she'd stopped changing so drastically by now.

    Does anyone know of a breed that possibly changes colour? Or is she still just growing do you think?

    I'm not too worried.... it's actually quite pretty, just curious.

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    Dogs often change somewhat when shedding, is she about to shed her coat?

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    A black coat turning red could have to do with anything from her breeding to her diet.
    Sun exposure also turns a black coat 'burnt'.
    Age also can fade a coat but I wouldnt expect it from a dog of her age.
    Either way there is nothing to worry about with it and if you like it that way there would be no need to change her diet or time in the sun to find out if they are the cause.

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    My minis has changed his colour a few times and i think it is due to genetic make up and clipping.....He also have lost roughness of the coat which I am very regretful about not striping him...i did not know much about striping at all....well next time
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