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Thread: Interested In Breeding????

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    I have realized that posts have disappeared... Wondering how and who would of tAken things off

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    not 100% sure but i think there may have been a glitch in the forum

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    There was something going on Bulli but I don't think it was aimed at your thread. I had replied too - after a whole lot of other posts. Then the whole forum went down. Then it came back up but lost about 2 days worth of posts. Most reappeared but the ones in your thread didn't.

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    fair enough. . . thats cool . . . so hard to find people interested haha but not giving up . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussiemyf7 View Post
    Before I delete the thread, I'll ask...

    Are you a member of a Mastiff club? Have you had health and temperament tests done? Do you have a prefix? Does your dog have good bloodlines? And most importantly, what makes your dog so special? Why should anyone want puppies from your dog?

    Genuine questions.

    I notice that any response you may have made to this has disappeared. You may want to answer the questions again so aussiemyf or other moderators can make an informed decision about whether your post can remain or not. This forum does not support people who want to breed without being registered or doing the appropriate genetic health tests before allowing a mating. There are more than enough dogs of this sort of breeding at the pound on death row.

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