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Thread: So... Can Live Animal Sales Be Done Ethically?

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    This puppy is either in the shop, socialising, playing with others, or sleeping, or encaged in a barren lonely pound b&b.
    What I've seen in the shop is a puppy in a tiny often filthy cage with no friends or sometimes with friends but no escape from them, and no time in a bigger space or being handled by people.

    What I've seen in the pound is loads of dedicated volunteers around the cages all the time, dogs get exercise time in a big clean area with compatible dogs, and the cages are kept clean, with fresh water (no sawdust or shredded paper in it), and if there is a litter, they're kept together as long as possible. And the dogs get regular people time.

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    Not sure what pounds you've visited Hya, but they are certainly not that wholesome and fresh in my experience. Pound cages, whilst cleaned regularly, are more often than not, still soiled. Dogs do not toilet on a timetable. Also, the cages are normally concrete floored which is often wet from being hosed. Some dogs, depending on run availability and volunteer resources, are lucky enough to be given fesh air and exercise at least once a day.

    Impounding facilities are far from glamorous. The dogs are usually highly stressed and diseaes run rampant. Most puppies in pet shops have it easy compared to impounded dogs.
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    Hi. I haven't read the whole thread so forgive me if I'm missing something. But in response to your first, I think this sort of situation can work really well. Your average consumer often looks to a pet shop as the first port of call when considering a new pet. This doesn't make them bad owners, not at all.

    And your principles are great. But... on reading them... Would all this:

    Quote Originally Posted by macavity View Post

    Thinking it through, I think I would only consider using my shop to find homes for kittens and puppies in accordance with the following principles:
    1. all kittens and puppies to be vet checked and desexed before sale
    2. all staff to be trained by an animal welfare agency in finding appropriate homes for kittens and puppies.
    3. potential adoptees to complete a questionnaire with trained staff member, including questions on motivation for adoption and what they want from their companion, understanding of the long-term obligations of adoption, suitability of breed, home, etc
    4. all staff members empowered to say no to prospective adoptor
    5. offer trial periods
    6. adoptors details taken and follow-up calls made
    7. kittens and puppies to have appropriate accommodation in the shop, not be left alone, and handled / given attention and love often
    8. kittens and puppies to only be rescued, not bought from mills and backyard breeders.
    9. kittens and puppies possibly to be taken from owners desperate to move on their litter (the "I can't handle this" types) but not paid for - instead I will pay for their mummy cat/dog to be desexed, and possibly some sort of shop voucher?
    10. I could take calm adult dogs into the shop on a temporary basis too (say for a weekend) - a "shop dog" looking for a forever home?

    ... be cost prohibitive for an average pet supplies-type store? I would need a full time staff member (or possibly more than one) just to run, and involve a big continuous outlay.

    So I think it's a great idea, but maybe not economically feasable to do as well as you want to, and as it should be?

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    To be considered too is the price of setting up pens and vaccinations chipping and desexing as against what you can charge for a virtually stray pup or kitten, if there is no profit margin and you are not established with plenty of cash behind you forget it, maybe display photos, (consider one of those digital frames which change photos every few minutes) and keep a list ofwhat is available from shelters in your area but no live animals.

    Old friends of ours now long since retired once owned a pet shop which sold pups kittens ect, when the no pets in shops thing got going here they decided to stop selling pets and sell only products, it nearly sent them broke six months later they had to start selling pets again, so for them it did not work, they could not compete with the large pet barns in their area as far as pet supplies only went, they needed not only the live animals but the ongoing business the initial sale bought them in, as they were very nice people and buyers would return to them because bond was formed, but without the live puppies ect. those folk did not get to know them.

    Check out what is already in your area before deciding on pet anything, be it supplies or live. Internet buying is now on the rise as well.
    Good luck

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