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    Hi, our 6 year old border collie was running after the ball as she normally has done but this time I watched in horror as her back legs just collapsed under her body, the vet said is a freak accident, I ran to her ,picked her and took her to vet, they immediately got me to race her to specialist hospital, diagnosed with bruised spine between t12 and t13, she is like paralyzed on her back legs at the moment 30 hours after it happened, can someone give me some feedback as to real recovery, unfortunately my wife and I could not have children and she is all have and are worried sick.

    Thanks for reading

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    I have nothing practical to say, but I am sorry to hear what's happened to your dog and hope that you are able to find the information/treatment you need.

    Keep us informed of what happens,


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    what treatment did the specialist give?my dog had a similar prob due to a spot of arthritis causing the vertabrae to pinch the spine.He had anti inflamitories and then follow up chiro work but he was sort of walking by the next day and took a few weeks to recover tho the arthritis will stay.I would definitely be seeing a dog chiro anyway in case her back is out triggering the problem

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    Default Bruising on Spine

    Hi and Thanks for your response,
    Its now 48 hours after it happened and I saw her today which just broke my heart, vet said she has feeling in toes when pinched and had motor skill in her back legs but can no way stand or move, has said about 70% chance of recovery but when you see her so out of it and a cather in her bladder etc,, it makes you wonder

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