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Thread: Bondi Vet - Anti-pitbull Episode Leaving Me Aghast

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    Default Bondi Vet - Anti-pitbull Episode Leaving Me Aghast


    I've just finished watching Bondi Vet, Thursday 9th Sept, channel 10.

    I can't believe what I've just seen.

    Two cases - one an eight month old terrier attacked by a pitbull terrier. Blonde vet Lisa says 'the problem with pitbulls is they have this lockjaw and they won't let go'.

    Second case, a woman brings in a small white puppy of unknown origin and asks for it to be DNA tested so she can be sure it doesn't contain any pitbull. Dr Chris DNA tests it, announces it's a staffy/whippet mix, and tells her she has nothing to worry about because the dog won't turn vicious when her kid's school friends are around.

    I'm so outraged I can hardly speak. I can't believe such a prominent public show on veterinary medicine is spouting this GARBAGE.

    First, pitbulls don't have a 'lockjaw'. Second, DNA testing is unreliable, and further more if that woman with the white pup fails to socialise and train her dog, it could just as easily go for her kid's school friends.

    Seriously. I'm so livid I'm spitting, well, QWERTY keys. I've already hit the channel 10 forums - smoke rising from the keyboard as we speak...

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    Pitbulls and Staffies do have powerful jaws which are very hard to get to open.

    I agree with you on the socializing all breeds though.

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    Yeah, puggerup, but it's not 'lockjaw'. There isn't a special mechanism on their jaws that holds them closed.

    But the thing about the white pup being 'safe' because it has no pitbull in it?? I can't believe it. I really can't.

    Pitbull terriers are powerful dogs that need responsible ownership - they need to be managed and handled by an adult who knows the dog's body language and has control and authority over the dog - but the same goes for ANY LARGE BREED DOG.

    Whatever happened to 'deed, not breed'?? I also can't believe Dr Chris told that woman with the pup that she's got nothing to worry about because there's no pitbull in the dog. If she fails, as an owner, to train and socialise that staffy x whippet pup, it's more likely to snap at one of her kid's school friends than a properly trained and handled pitbull tbh.

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    I've seen some pretty savage chi's before, so yeh her comment that the pup will be fine because of it's breed (or lack of) is pretty damned stupid.

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    I love Bondi Vet, but I was so dissapointed by this episode.
    I knew even from last week when they advertised this episode with '..a vicious attack by a Pit Bull' I wasn't gonna be happy.
    ANY other breed, and it would have simply been '..a vicious dog attack'.
    I agree with everything you said SpotTheDog(STD?)

    My 17 year old cousin had to do an persuasive English presentation today on an issue they were passionate about, she chose Pit Bulls and BSL. She even has class mates saying they had been persuaded by her 1,000 word speech, and Bondi has completely contradicted everything she adressed. She sent it to me, its brilliant. I might even post it.
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    Post it! Please!

    Also: STD? ...doh...

    Lastly: one thing I never realised is that Amstaffs and pitbulls are the same breed? I thought Amstaffs were taller english staffs, and pitbulls were similar but different again... if a breed expert could confirm that'd be cool.

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    There is no such thing as lock- jaw in any breed. The jaw doesn't lock.
    However some breeds have very strong jaw muscles. Yes too many flaws.

    Yay for the little lamb though.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm so glad it wasn't just me! I have just finished watching Bondi Vet too. I didn't catch the start of the show - we normally prefer Bondi Vet and find this show warmer and more 'real' than the RSPCA ones. I couldn't believe that stupid woman saying that crap about how her kids' friends could come and play with their puppy without fear he would turn vicious, etc. omg! Any dog has potential for being dangerous. Even my ten year old daughter said "so, if it had pitbull in it, would they have dumped it or put it down?". (She has been bitten by a swf and my son by a poodle - not our poodles, btw).

    I think the fact that they had a dog attack victim (a terrier) as well and used very emotive sound bites from the terrier's owner and the treating vet had to be deliberate. These guys surely can't be dumb enough to try and 'sneak' this agenda in without being called to task. Did anyone ask the circumstances under which the terrier was attacked? Did the show say? There's no excuse for things to get that out of hand, of course, but it would be a shame if the attacking dog was provoked, or the other dog was off the lead. The story seemed to leave that uncertain. Viewers deserve a balanced report.

    Humans are the ones that have created the aggressive, unpredictable dog, which happens to include pitbulls - what about how many of these animals are tormented and aggravated to 'train' them to fight? If they were genetic killers, why would they require such high levels of mistreatment to become immune to pain, distrustful of humans and eager to fight/attack? Does the average person have any idea what fighting dogs go through in their short and miserable lives? How many of them are injured, killed, abandoned and surrendered to shelters who have no choice to put them down? Other dogs are just owned by the ignorant and egotistical and are never properly socialised with other people and dogs - again, a human error.

    This kind of thing doesn't help the dogs in question. it was completely one-sided. Was the dog even positively identified by an expert as a pit bull? ( Are pit bulls legal in NSW? Was that covered in the show in regards the white puppy?)

    I'm glad that this episode didn't go unnoticed. I don't own a pitbull or pitbull type of dog, but I am very supportive of giving all breeds a fair go. I hope those of you on here who are able to make an informed argument can give channel ten some stick.


    P.S - Yes, please clarify the Am staff - Pitbull thing. I have been told they are the same dog many times by their owners at our local dog park. I would love to know more. And what a great presentation topic, way to go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpotTheDog View Post
    Post it! Please!

    Also: STD? ...doh...

    Lastly: one thing I never realised is that Amstaffs and pitbulls are the same breed? I thought Amstaffs were taller english staffs, and pitbulls were similar but different again... if a breed expert could confirm that'd be cool.
    How about Spot then?

    I need to watch when my oh finishes with b...y spartacus. It sounds extremley disappointing though. esp it is coming from a well loved vet
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