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Thread: Bondi Vet - Anti-pitbull Episode Leaving Me Aghast

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    I went onto the actual vet hospital website, after calling them and politely asking if it would be okay to leave feedback on the show via their email address under the 'contact us' section. The guy on reception said it was fine to do so and as I STILL can't get signed into blinking channel ten's forums, I was glad to be able to make my point somehow.

    Here's the link for the email contact form

    Contact Us :: Bondi Junction Veterinary Hospital

    I would like to come up with some other ways to give Chris Brown feedback about this and also about what his stance on puppy mills is re - the PP thing.


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    My 17 year old cousin had to write a persuasive oral speech on an issue they were passionate about, with some of my help, this is what she came up with.

    The breed specific legislation or BSL is a law that determines which dog breeds are deemed dangerous and their owners must follow a list of rules and regulations. In some cases BSL has deemed some breeds so dangerous that they have not only been restricted, but banned in some countries.
    In Australia, the most commonly known restricted breed is the American Pit Bull Terrier. Owners of the Pit Bull must have a permit to own more than one restricted breed and have clearly visable 'beware of the dog' signs on their gates. The dogs must be leashed and muzzled at all times, no exceptions. Under age people are not allowed to be in charge of a restricted breed, plus many more. Temperament of the dog doesn't matter, if they are classified as a Pit Bull, they are classified as dangerous.
    BSL is wrong; you can't make rules based on a few bad dogs. For every Pit Bull that kills, there are 10.5 million that don't.
    The Pit Bull has a bad reputation because of 3 main things, their history, their owners and the media.

    In the beginning of the 20th century, the American Pit Bull was the most popular family dog. During the middle of the 1900s, the wrong people discovered how loyal and intelligent the Pit Bull is, and were selectively bred to become fighting dogs. Its often forgotton popular breeds like the Staffy, Bulldog, Mastiff and Shar Pei were all used as dog fighters and/or bull baiters at some stage in their past, but BSL fails to restrict far. Back in the 1870s, the American Staffordshire became a recognised breed by the American Kennel Club. It was from then on, all registered Pit Bull would be referred to as an Amstaff, while the unregistered would be called a Pit Bull. Funnily enough, the Amstaff isn't restricted although they're the same breed.
    Why do we never hear about the Pit Bulls that are used as police, therapy and conpanion dogs? People still base the Pit Bulls history on the modern day breed.
    Judging a breed based on their history, you could say its like rascism.

    A child will become what they are based on how they're raised. Its the same for dogs. Any breed can be dangerous if abused or unsocialised. World reknown dog behaviour specialist and star of the Foxtel program 'The Dog Whisperer', Cesar Millan often used his Pit Bull 'Daddy' to help rehabilitate dog agressive dogs. Daddy passed away at age 16 in February, and Cesar described the Pit Bull as his mentor in life.
    The Pit Bull is in a cycle, the more you hear about them being 'killers' the more the wrong people what to own them as a status symbol and fail to properly train and socialise it, the dog then attacks and ends up in the news again.
    Dog fighters abuse and torture their dogs to be vicious. In some cases of Pit Bull rescue, dogs have been found with bottle caps found uner the skin of their neck, to ensure they are always on guard when handled around the throat.
    How many times have you met a small snappy dog and thought nothing of it, or even cute? Simply because of their size and history, a badly behaving Pit Bull is seen as dangerous, while a badly behaving Chihuahua is seen as cute.
    The owners that raise a Pit Bull with love and respect are the ones that suffer if the breed is banned.

    Finally, the media play the largest part of brainwashing the world into believing the Pit Bull is born to kill. How many times have you heard 'a Pit Bull type dog' or 'a Pit Bull mix'? What makes a reporter and expert on breed identification?
    How many times do you hear 'Pit Bull mauls baby' and how unlikely is it you will hear 'Pit Bull rescues baby'?
    Why did the media never mention when Dakota the search and rescue Pit Bull found a woman after a flood? When Dakotas owner, Kristin Crawford was asked 'did your dog bite the woman when she found her?', Crawford saud 'thats something no search and rescue dog handler with another breed is ever asked'.
    The American Temperament Testing Association is a society that put a number of breeds through stressful situations and see their reaction, the first sign of stress, aggression or fear is a fail. The Pit Bull had an average passing rate of 86%, higher than popular breeds like the Golden Retriever, Beagle and Maltese.
    In 2005 it was recorded the German Shepherd had the highest amount of attacks, followed by the Blue Heeler, the Rottwieler, the Staffy and the Pit Bull came in at 5th. The Kelpie at 8th, the Labrador at 9th and the Border Collie at 10th. Why did the media never report on these attacks?
    Violence sells. A 'fighting dog' sells. Even to the point of the imaginary gift of the 'lock jaw'. No dog breed, including the Pit Bull can lock its jaw, its physically impossible.

    People get attacked by dogs every day, and for the most part, if no one is killed in the attack, only the Pit Bulls make the headlines. The Pit Bull is an unfairly judged breed, any dog has the potential to be dangerous, and any dog in the wrong hands can be dangerous. BSL hasn't reduced the amount of attacks, its just destroyed dogs for being what they are. The people of Australia need to stop believing every thing we read in the paper and hear on the news, we need to remember not every species still continues their history traits today and that us as humans are the base of raising a happy, healthy, loving pet. A dog is what you make it.
    Education not Legislation

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    Dog damned tetanus infected hounds, must be the bacteria swelling on the brains that makes nasties


    Hey great letter!

    I don't watch these shows, if I was in a dressing gown and my hair was in curlers he might pique my interest to lap up everything he says Rofl.
    If you find yourself going through hell; Don't stay. Just keep on going.

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    /adjusts dressing gown and curlers and goes off for a sulk :-(

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    Hey all!

    Wow spot the dog! Excellent letter...Ive sent mine through too...better late than never!

    Oh and just to clarify.....American Staffordshire Terriers and American Pit Bull Terriers USED to be the same. There blood lines have since been divided so technically NO they are not the SAME BREED. Similar is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, British Bulldog, Bull Terrier etc.

    Thank you to all who have stood up and spoken. Bailey and I give you all big hugs!

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    Does anyone have the channel 10 email address? I can't find one!! Grrr

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    Unfortunately channel 10 conveinatly (I can't spell! :P) don't put their email on their website so people cannot complain! We had the same issue when we wanted to complain about how they were airing certain shows.

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    Oh. I see! Maybe we should all send them a complaint about the fact we can't email a complaint lol.

    I'll have to post my letter then.


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    For anyone who can't get a response from either Channel Ten or Bondi Vet, you may want to try placing a complaint with Code of Practice for the inaccurate information provided to the general public within a documentary.

    I hope I am allowed to post that web site sorry in advance if I am not supposed to.


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    Thanks for finding another avenue for our complaints/comments.

    BTW, I am in my PJ's still, but no curlers, I'm afraid. Do you think that handsome hunky vet would like curlers????? I'm off down the shops if you reckon it'll win him over, lol.

    Seriously, channel ten are hopeless and I've had no response back to my email direct to Bondi Junction Vet Hospital.

    If I'm ever over that way, maybe I could drop in......


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