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Thread: Big Dog Attacked My Little Dog

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    Yea, good idea...VET! Sheesh

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    Personally, if she was yelping last night, I would have taken her to the vet first this this morning.

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    I think maybe you are over reacting to the situation. If there were no bite marks of blood then i dont this she would be harmed. Best to take her to the vet to be safe and to give you piece of mind.

    You have commented that your dog is yelpng a lot....

    have a think over the situation of when the incident with the other dog occurred... the dog came racing over... your girl was in a submissive position on her back. has she then yelped while this was happening?
    u then pick her up.
    So it could be quite possible that she has learnt when she yelps, mum picks her up and gives her big cuddles. perhaps that is why she is yelping to you and your husband at home.

    Perhaps she has picked up on your nervous energy since the incident and has noticed that you are letting her get away with things she hasn't previously been allowed to do.

    "she jumped up and yelped and looked at me as if I had deliberately hurt her" this is a human emotion you have put to your dog. Dogs do not think like this. It is called "Anthropomorphism."

    When she yelped the reason she looked up at you was to see your reaction. Most likely you have just reinforced her yelping by cooing at her and giving her a big cuddle after that.

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    I agree totally with what stef has said. However we were not there.
    Why do you always delay going to the vet if you are concerned?
    It's part of pet ownership regardless.

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    The yelping seems random, and not associated with any particular part of her body. Such as when I touched her collar. I didn't even touch her body.

    The next morning she was back to her old self, and didn't show any signs of being in pain until late in the evening, when she yelped once.

    I called the vet this morning, and they didn't seem concerned either, and we are not going in until tomorrow morning.

    Like I said she is moving fine and eating normally etc, so I had no reason to think she needed an emergency vet, or to be rushed to the vet the next morning.

    I don't understand why most people on here are trying to make me out to be a bad dog owner. Pretty much everything I post I get people telling me I am doing everything wrong. I am no stranger to forums, and I must say I don't find the tone in here very friendly or understanding. There are a few people who are nice, but most people seem to be very argumentative.

    I posted about the attack in a different dog forum as well, and they said pretty much the same thing you have said, that if the dog wanted to hurt Pixel it would have, and it was prolly just playing very roughly and had no social skills. But the big difference is they were all friendly and understanding and not wanting to argue with everything I said, nor did they question why I hadn't taken her to the vet right away, because they all agree that she seems to be fine and is most likely just bruised.

    I am not going to bother posting anymore, because this isn't a pleasant forum. And like I said, I am no stranger to forums. I am a member of heaps, and I know a few like this one, where people want to argue, and a few where people stay on topic and are friendly. So I think I will stick to those ones.

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    If she had a broken rib, you would probably know about it. She would not lie down or shift without squealing.

    She most likely has spinal bruising or a pulled/strained muscle. If your vet can recommend a physio, that may be the route to go.

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