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    Pixel is a little timid around other dogs, so I would really like her to get out more to play with other dogs. For some reason none of our friends own dogs, so my only options are dog parks and playgroups.

    I took her to a poodle playgroup on the weekend, but they only meet once a month, and I would like her to get out and play at least once a week.

    So does anyone know either a dog park where there are normally a lot of small dogs, or small dogs playgroups on the northside of Brisbane?

    And does anyone know any dog parks that are divided into big dogs' area and small dogs' area? This seems to be common in Usa, but I can't find any info on it for the Brisbane dog parks...

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    What about joining her up to a training class?
    That way she can learn and meet friends etc at the same time.
    If she is already timid I would be wary of just letting her go at an offleash park whether its big or small dogs.
    Im not sure if this is allowed but a great website is where you can arrange playdates and make friends etc.

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