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Thread: Feeding Time for More Than One Dog.

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    I have my guys eat either in their crates or in their kennel run. The beauty of this is that I can enforce a) the command to wait, look and eat and b) that neither engages in too much activity straight after eating, and it ensures each gets his/ her own food and eats at a pace suitable for him/ her rather than gulping in order to get to the other bowl.

    A friend suggested putting one up on a table, the other below to really strengthen pack hierarchy... but as they are big dogs, I'm not sure it would really be all that effective for me. Anyone here heard of that system before?

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    Pack hierarchy as far as I am concerned sorts itself with my 3 and I let them decide who is top dog. Sometimes it can be the one that we least expect it to be and I am not going to impose my feelings upon it. As long as they see me as the ultimate one then all is good, all get treated the same. If any problems crop up then I deal with it as simply as I can for me and the dogs that makes life easier for us all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silvershadowwolf24 View Post
    It sounds like you have zero control over your dogs (jumping on top of funiture??). I second the seeking the professional help- it sounds like you have more problems then just biting each other while eating.

    To be honest, I would never allow children around dogs that get so out of control that they bite me =/
    The only dog that jumps is the puppy Dexter and I have only had him a short while ( he came from an abusive house hold)

    I would never EVER put my 2 mid teens in harms way, They are there only to stand in front of the dogs to stop them going into the others feeding area.

    Training ..well I have trained a few dogs with great success and will withthese ones . I was just looking to see what other members of this forum with multiple dogs might do . As I said I think I have had Dexter only about a month or 6 weeks so Bandit is maybe still getting used to not being top dog in the yard any more
    Scorp :-)

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