The Guide Dogs movement is the leading provider of Guide Dogs and orientation and mobility training nationally. A new campaign ‘Six Feet, One Journey’, celebrates the enormous work and love that goes into transforming playful pups into responsible Guide Dogs for Australians with impaired vision.

This incredible journey, which begins with pups around 8 weeks of age and takes almost two years to complete, has been captured in a series of short films which have been developed in a collaboration between National Geographic Channel, Guide Dogs Australia and Merial, the makers of FRONTLINE PLUS® and HEARTGARD30® PLUS.
Uplifting and informative, the series highlights the three stages of training that Guide Dogs must undergo before they begin work assignment as well as the unique relationship people with impaired vision share with their Guide Dogs. The series can be viewed here: Six Feet One Journey
In the interests of full disclosure, I am getting the word out on behalf of Merial”