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    Hey guys,

    I'm just curious about what others use for flea treatment on their doggies. At the moment I'm using Frontline on my boy and it's effective, no doubt, but the price is kind of wrinkling my socks. It would be nice if there was an effective brand that wasn't quite so expensive - any tips? He has got sensitive skin and is prone to irritation. I'm just thinking of all the extra kilos of chicken necks the spare cash would buy
    Cheers, Billy.

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    Do you buy it on-line? It is about 60% cheaper. I use Anvantick just because it has 2 weeks protection from ticks as well as fleas. I have never seen a flea or tick on her. I know it is expensive but have heard it is really really difficult to get rid of fleas.

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    I use Revolution $190.80 for 12 month supply, it prevents heart worm and kills fleas, ticks, ear mites, round worm and hook worm and normally the pack comes with bonus tablets for tape worm.

    It has never irritated my staffy's skin and he has a few allergies.

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    Yep. Search online and you'll find some much better prices. Then you'll have some cash for chicken necks!!

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    I use Comfortis and Interceptor for my small dogs as Frontline Plus did not work for my dogs. I use bigger dog's tablets and split between two boys every month and it saves about 50% (as you can imagine) I also buys from online store. I have found Sharlee Stockfeeds is the cheapest for boys needs. Happy saving!!!
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