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Thread: Dog Attack - I Am FURIOUS

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    Angry Dog Attack - I Am FURIOUS

    I was walking Roxie today with our current visitor, Jackaroo, who is a 4month old foxie x jack russell.

    We were in the park just about to go when another dog arrived, so I leashed Rox and we started to leave. Roxie noticed the dog and as always, started barking (she's a rescue dog and was never socialised.)

    The other dog, it looked like a kelpie x of some sort, was being walked by a girl no older than 4. Next thing I know, the girl is screaming and being dragged across the field and the dog is coming for us. I picked up Jack and didn't have time to do anything else before it was on us, I was trying to grab at Roxie's neck to pull her up but they were skirmishing and there was legs and teeth everywhere.

    The guy, I'm assuming owner walks over and attempts to get his dog. He says 'It's ok, she doesn't fight.' I just glared at him and said incredulously, 'Well, it looks like they're fighting!' He managed to pull her off, he had to basically sit on her to hold her down, and I can see the lead, a cheapo $2 dollar thing lying on the ground behind them.

    Then his 8 year old kid starts. 'It's not our dogs fault, she doesn't fight, it was that dog, it was barking.'

    I had to just walk away, but I wanted to EXPLODE. No, my dog is NOT perfect, but guess what? SHE was on a lead, not running riot across a field attacking another dog!! She comes when she is called and does as she's told, which is why *I* was the one standing scared in a field while another dog attacked us! Of course Roxie is going to fight back, she was protecting us and herself! What did they expect, her to roll over and go, 'hey, um, could you like, stop biting me?'


    She's ok, has a little limp but other than that is fine.

    I'm very proud of myself for not starting a screaming match with those b@stards, but I really am quite mad. There wasn't even a sorry!

    The thing that annoys me most is that these dogs don't have to be this way. Dog behaviour is an OWNERS responsibility. If your dog, like Roxie, came with problems, you are STILL responsible for them.

    I could hear the boy going on and on about it as I walked off. Grrr. People like these are the reason there is only one off leash park in our area.

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    Lucky neither dogs were hurt!

    Some people have no doggy etiquitte(sp?)
    Education not Legislation

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    How annoying!!!
    This is why I do not go to dog park as much as i used to. A lot of people who come to dog park have no control over their dogs as well as no intention to do so. It is good that your dog did not get hurt too much( hug)
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    How annoying! I'm glad she's ok! I try and avoid anyone else with a dog when out walking - people just have no idea! And I've had some close calls with dogs being walked by kids as well.

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    Its a shame about the attitude that is being instilled upon the kid by his father really!

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    That is awful I wouldn't even of known what to do.

    It is good to hear your dog is ok, I really hope the other dog is ok and it's owner learns from this that the adult should be holding the lead.

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    Hey, i know how u feel... a few months ago i was taking pep for a walk on the beach and a kelpie x came running out of no where and started to attack pep... I screamed at the dog and tried to pic peppa up... the stupid owner said 'oh sorry', tried to get his dogs mouth away from peppas neck then just walked away... mind u... pep had a big gash on her neck... I was FURIOUS!!!!!!!!

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    Sorry to hear what happened.
    The worst thing you could have done was pick your dog up though. Instictually it is the right thing to do because you are taking it out of harms way but unfortunately the dog will just jump up at you and attack your dog AND you to get to it. Plus once you pick your dog up you take away all of it's chances at protecting itself. What can a dog do when its in your arms, getting attack by another dog? nothing, it can't bite it cant scratch it cant run.
    I have found, a better solution is is to solve the problem at hand, which is the attacking dog. grab it by the collar. a firm grip on the part furthest from their mouth, or grab the scruff of its neck. or even do what the owner did. get her on the ground and keep your hands away from her mouth and wait for the owner to come. All this is easier said then done but you dont just confront the charging dog, unfortunately you have to have it distracted, and ur dog is perfect bait.

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    Personally, if another dog was attacking mine, I'd pick him up and give the other dog a kick in the head. Sorry, if I was in the same situation, the other dog's safety is a very low priority for me.

    At least if I get bitten, then the owner has a lot more trouble coming his way. Maybe he'd control his dog better and not let his kid walk it instead.

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    GGGRRRRR A SWF had a go at Peg while i was walking her and Blue, both of mine were on leads and the SWF came across the road and started getting into Peg, at first she thought it was a game. Luckily Blue is very protective of her and had the sense (he's a lot smarter than Peg at times ) and had a little snap at the SWF and barged Peg out of the way. Meanwhile the owner is calling the SWF, it didn't listen and ran into someone else's block (they are 5 acre blocks), i managed to keep my 2 walking to avoid what could have been a bad situation.

    I just can't believe some owners, it seems nearly everyone here has had something like this happen due to other owners being, well to say it simply, pathetic. It seems to be through pure luck that none of our dogs have been seriously hurt. Yet.

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