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Thread: Breeding for the Show Ring...the Other Side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy View Post

    My OP was simply to point out the other side of showing. I do not believe it denegrates showing as a whole. There is good and bad to everything no question.

    Billy first off please dont kid yourself into thinkin i give a fat rats clcker how i rate in your eyes lol so how i rate compared with ur buddies here matters NOT to me so feel freee to keep on topic.

    now as for you above quoted BACK PEDDLE you agreed with ozeymum when she clearly stated she hated dog shows and show ppl and THAT concerns me so i addressed it!
    And id love to know how you think you have any idea on my ETHICS?? lol please explain that when u dont know me from a bar of soap? or are you about to make another massive blanket statement that will just nicely cover ALL RBS???

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    You clearly have a problem, and i actually feel sorry for you.

    You alone have taken this thread OT and railroaded this thread into oblivion, everyone else is able to get through, even with differences. Congratulations I hope it was worth it.

    My comment was not a back peddle but the truth, if you cant and wont accept it so be it.

    Your ethics speak loud and clear, i do not need to add anything further.

    Believe it or not some people are not into showing! or perhaps agility, training, breeding, rescuing or anything else! This is not a showing forum, perhaps a new area should be made for this and you can all slog it out together.

    I am only interested on your thoughts on the original article posted not showing as a whole. Clearly you are more interested in in attacking and defending your own passion rather than some discussion.

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    You really have issues BILLY you attack something i love to do and then sit here on ur high horse like some queen with a pointing stick and try and say i have issues for DEFENDING MY PASSION!

    If you cant handle the back lash then dont post your small minded views, pretty simple really

    as for my ethics being in question lol you're a fool you cant even back up your own arguments.

    and if you can just chuck a vague statement out there and then feel you dont have to justify it with reasoning just as you have with my " ethics" then you might want to rethink why forums exsist!
    as for you later comment....I have very clearly outlined in my original reply to this thread where i stood on showing as a whole , outlined my views on docking and cropping and what i thought of breeds that have been altered into shadows of their original forms, not sure what else you are looking for? blood? a head for your pointing stick perhaps??

    If you think im the type to let you openly attack what i do without a retort then you are sadly mistaken.

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    Closing topic.
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