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Thread: Another ID Question/test... with Answers

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    Default Another ID Question/test... with Answers

    Hi all,

    Roz is beautiful and I've had her for about 6 months, in which she has grown a little, and basically been awesome.
    Her mother, with whom she lives with one week each fortnight (Shared custody!) has ordered a DNA test which we will complete this week, so there will be a correct answer!

    Any ideas as to what she may be?
    About 9-10kg,
    head a little too small (? and in a good way) for her body,
    about a foot tall and maybe two feet long? She can get her nose onto the kitchen bench if standing.

    Fire any guesses you've got, I'll reveal in a week or so!

    Sorry I can't seem to see the images, links below:
    Roz & Mary
    Roz floorboard
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    looks like a combination of a few breeds to me... not sure how the DNA will pick that up... I'd guess maybe Corgi and Shiba Inu ...

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    Photos arn't working!
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    She's a cute little thing. Have no idea I do agree with kimbastaff about Shiba Inu. If it's the BITSA DNA test it will probably tell you that she is Great Dane x Chihuahua not accurate at all.
    I Will be interested with what they come up with.

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    Hi Joel...

    I love to guess...though I am not very good.
    My guess is Kelpie cross terrier. I can't wait....
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    My first thought was Corgi cross but cannot think of what else might be there

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    Hey Joel. What a cutie she is! My guess is a crossbred, from a background of crossbreds...

    But seriously. From a genetic point of view, many of her features are base level features of the group Canis in general. Features such as pricked ears, medium size, medium to broad skull with medium length muzzle and a moderate stop, short double coat and medium length brush tail are very dominant dog features.

    If you picture any wild Canis type you will find them - Dingo, Wolf, Jackal, Fox, African Hunting Dogs etc etc. They are known as primitive features, and are very common in the Spitz breeds as they include some of the oldest unchanged breeds. Many breeds in turn have been derived from the Spitz types - eg. Aust Cattle Dogs and Kelpies have Dingo in their background.

    So what that means for domestic dogs (Canis Familiaris) is that if left to their own devices and breeding dogs will revert to that look quite quickly, as those genetic features are dominant over some other canine features. Multi generational street dogs worldwide display these features for that reason - even though they may come from a vast array of domestic and or wild breeds.

    So although she looks like she could have Shiba Inu, she could just as easily have Beagle or Cavalier in there, yet have lost the recessive features. Dropped ears and long coats can disppear in a generation or two. Shibas have a very primitive type as well.

    She does have sable coat colouring which has come from somewhere particular. So I will hazard a guess to say she could well have German Shepherd back there somewhere.

    DNA tests can give some wild results, as many modern breeds have shared ancestry and therefore share certain genetic markers. Domestic dogs are all the same species so particular markers is all they can look for.

    So accurate? No. But fun? Yes.

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    I agree with Shiba x Corgi.

    You do know those DNA tests are a waste of money don't you... sorry, but they just aren't accurate at all

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    I can't imagine it'd be the best $'s spent, but as above, her mother thought it'd be nice. I've paid half because i'd find out through mutual friends anyhow... Roz is lovely regardless of what she may be comprised of! Thanks for replying with your guess!

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    Hi Joel,

    Can I ask how much you paid for the test?

    My second is meant to be s/tzu but I think Lhasa or JRT cross. His behaviour is very JRT and Lhasa and mystery goes on......
    I love cooking but I love eating even more.

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