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Thread: 2 Legged Dog.

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    Default 2 Legged Dog.

    The Bondi vet was worried that Woody would lose another leg. Lot's of 2 legged dogs out there quite happy with what they have.
    YouTube - Two-legged Dog Dominic - Even More Amazing!

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    Wow, what an amazing little dog. I never would have believed they'd have that sort of balance with two legs on one side of their body. Thanks for posting

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    Thats amazing! Its like he has all four.
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    Same thing happened on Bondi vet a few weeks ago, dog had problems with it's back leg (patella maybe) and he was carrying on about how the owners would have to make a *difficult decision* if surgery didn't improve it.

    3 legs is NOT a death sentence! Neither is 2 if you are prepared to put a little extra work in to caring for the dog!

    I found this video a while ago... it's a cat with NO LEGS and it's still happy.

    YouTube - Legless Cat Ready to Start Another Life

    Gawd Chris Brown sh!ts me.

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