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Thread: Amstaff Standards of Australia Are Incorrect!

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    Hopefully more and more true breed stewards will hop on board the Amstaff for your breeds sake.

    For a breed thats only been here in Australia for 20 odd years it doesnt look good though. Lots of people jumped on board that like the massive ones.

    When you look at old pics from the STCA specialties and early champs from the US compared to many today it stands out like dogs nuts the changing shape and style in such a short timespan, true breed stewards are a bit thin on the ground now. Theres a few true in Aussie but it'd be like swimming against a tide of the masiveness.
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    Quote Originally Posted by True Standard View Post
    It clearly states the height that the dog must be. Whom are we to change the breed standards? Look at the German spitz in Australia! A classic example of what happens when you breed away from the correct standard. We then have to rely on imports to get the standard back!
    It does not state what the height of the dog must be, it clearly states what the APPROXIMATE height should be.

    Big difference there.

    German Spitz standard states:
    Height: Klein 23-29cms (9-11.5 ins)

    Mittel 30-38cms (12-15 ins)

    There is no "approximately" there. So yes, if they are breeding them oversize, then they are simply oversize.
    With AmStaffs unless they are ridiculously over 19 inches there shouldn't be a problem as they should only be 'approximately' 18-19 inches.

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