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Thread: Heartworm Injection

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    If you decide to go with the annual heartworm shot I wouldn't do it the same time as your C3 and C5.( all wormer and flea treatment). I believe it's too much all at once.

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    Several years ago, when the yearly injection first came out, I took Dooee to the vet for it, thinking it would be easier.... firstly I'm in Victoria... after the injection was given I asked why didnt they need to do a test first to see if the dog was infection with H/W my vet said he didnt bother cuz he hadn't seen H/W for over 10 years... Dooee then had an adverse reaction and was sick for days... he had a lump the size of a large pea at the injection site for 5 years.... I haven't bothered with H/W prevention since... If I was to need it I'd be opting for the monthly tablets, a fews days late doesnt hurt the dog...

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