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Thread: Why Does My Dog Seem to Always Sleep Near My Girlfriend??

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    My dog follows me around like a bad smell until my bf comes over & its as i I don't exist.
    If he sits down she sits next to him and lies over him like a lap dog, in bed snuggles right up to him and just looks at him with love filled
    He doesn't feed her, walk her, let her in his car etc but she still adores him. As soon as he leaves she is my best friend again..

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    Yeah sounds as if you've got my end of the stick, but my gf does everything for that dog, ha ha. She looks after him better than she looks after me some days!!

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    Hey guys, there's been another development. My girlfriend recently got a new job that means she can sleep in after I go to work. She told me that after I let the dog out in the mornings, he waits until I've left and then comes in and lays with her on the bed and even nuzzles her sometimes. He licks her arms and legs a lot if she is not paying him attention. Also he has started to seem jealous of me touching her. If we're cuddling on the couch he tries to sit between us or if I give her a hug standing up he growls and pushes his head between our legs. Is this some thing I should be worried about??

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    Have you been feeding him and walking him?
    Or have you continued as you were?
    Now that there is aggression, I think its becoming a bit more serious.
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    haha my 2 puppies are the same with me, they will jump up on the bed and snuggle with me and not my partner. We both alternate who feeds them but i think its because when the puppies are in trouble its my partner who yells at them and they always come running to hide behind my legs because im the "soft" one haha. I also agree with male dogs bonding better with female owners, its the exact reason why i wanted to get to boys, because i felt i bonded better with male dogs

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    i would be getting worried and would start working on this straight away before it becomes a big problem.

    if he is trying to push between you two tell him off and push him away. get him off the couch if he is sitting between you etc etc. don't let him show any "jealousy" towards you.

    also if it is possible take turns in feeding / walking, or go for a walk together in the afternoon / night whenever suits you. This is more of a taking on the role of him basically seeing your girlfriend as HIS girlfriend (sounds silly but it was the easiest way i could think to explain it) also it would be great if both of you were able to do some training with him so he has respect for both of you
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