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Thread: 11YRD OLD Blue Heeler with a 9 Week Old Blue Heeler Cross Red Heeler. Wont Get Along

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    Talking 11YRD OLD Blue Heeler with a 9 Week Old Blue Heeler Cross Red Heeler. Wont Get Along

    hey guys not sure if u can help me or not. w have just got a 9 week old blue heeler cross with a red heller named"RUSTY". now we already have a an 11yr old blue heeler cross with a kelpie named "Bluey". Bluey, well she is one of a kind that is for sure. she is protective of her terriorty aka our back yard, she could play with you with the ball to and from till she gives up and that is like an hour or sso later (when she cant push through the arthristis pain anymore), she does what she is told. she will come when u call her. over all she is just a beautiful dog and extremely loyal.

    Okay problem is that this new one is causing some unneccsary issues.. when we 1st got them to meet each other "rusty" was the submissive one and sat there and let Bluey sniff and sniff and check it out. after bluey did that then she went awway and found her balla nd dropped it at our feet. she kept bringing it bacck for ages. we decided lets take em for a walk to the park. whch was a task and half at the beginning but by the time we got back hom they were walking side by side. Rusty will try and play with bluey but the bluey will snap or growl at him and so rusty goes away and yet he sometimes not always tries again.

    I took themn for a walk this morning and i made sure tha i put the lead on bluey first even though rusty was jumping all over me then i did rusty and then i made sure i left first out of the gate and then t6rying to get then to walk side by side was a mission on their own. at one stage they were walking sikde by side and i kept saying goood boy and good girl etc.
    Bluey is now walking around the yard while rusty is snoozin. bluey wont calm down or snooze or stop until she feels like she can. it breaks my heart to see herllike this. i even resorted to tying up rusty (which i felt horrid for) and when around the house and just sat there with bluey patting her and telling her she is still number one and i hate to say it was brining tears to my eyes. i put herkennel near the door to the out door area so maybe havin that close to us she might feel less threatened. we will give it a week and see if we give rusty a new home but we dont want that..
    we both workkk shift work and i wont get home till 11pm at night and parnetr gets home at 5pm. anyone have any advice what to do?

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    Hi there,

    Rusty shouldn't be out walking yet unless it's at least 10 days past his second vaccination.
    Is Bluey on any treatment for her arthritis?
    I wouldn't tie up a dog but you will need to keep them separated while no one is home.
    Lets see what others advise.

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    Hi Diza,

    I don't see any big problem there. By all means I am not a cattle dog expert.
    What I see though an older dog trying to set some rules and the little one seems to go with that.
    Walks-I won't take them together all the time. They spend a lot of time by themselves and I am sure they won't mind time away from each other. I also think what the pup needs is different from Bluey and vice versa.
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    Not sure if that picture will work

    thanks molly and thanks hachna , bluey has been by herself for 10years growing up with my boyfriends family. then they got a young kelpie dog last year and bluey didn't take to it all so what we did was seeing that we wanted a dog we took bluey under our wing now we wanted another blue heller and ts strange casue they play together for a bit untill blue snaps air bite etc and then rusty wont have a go unless he thinks she can test hin tonight is the 1st night where bluey is on her bed and rusty is in his kennel maybe progress who knows but i do know that rusty is gonna get desexed soon .
    I do9nt mind them walking to gether by the time we get home they are wwalking side by side and looking up bakc at me all the time lol to see if i am there still but its early days still


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