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    Default Getting Another Dog

    My best friend owns a nearly 3 year old Australian Shepherd which is a desexed female. The dog is very clingy towards her (what we call a glad wrap dog but on the other hand it is more of a "dog dog" than a "person dog". She is thinking about getting another Aussie and she has a few issues. One is that someone told her to get a male dog because male and females get on better? So what do people think, is a male female relationship better between two dogs or is it better when they are the same sex? My opinion is that if they are both desexed and socialised they will get on regardless of the gender.

    The other issue is, that she is worried her dog will get jealous of the new one and start bad habits like barking, digging etc. The dog currently resides with an 8 year old Cavalier that does not interact with the younger dog in any way. Any suggestions?

    Thanks all

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    I think it all comes down to individual dogs. I have four, and they all have different relationship with each other. Sometimes the two girls are closest, and the two boys pair off - with the older one seeming to mentor the puppy.
    Other times they actually pair off by breed (the boy & girl Saluki and the boy & girl Borzoi). Which is surprising but I think it is based on the way they play.

    Competition for the owner's attention will always be an issue with integrating two dogs, but can always be managed. The humans need to try and stay relaxed and in charge - sometimes easier said than done.

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    I believe that, especially for novice owners, a male female is a preferable mix. If I were your friend I would go for another dog of a similar age, or perhaps a little older, one whose temperment is known. I daresay she has made her dog into a clingwrap dog and an older dog will teach her what boundaries it needs. All assumptions of course

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    It doesn't matter what sex another dog is or will be. What matters is introducing them properly, and get them to bond slowly. When one accepts the other as a member of its pack it will be fine. Tell your friend not to bring a newcomer home before introducing them on neutral ground few times before and see their reactions.

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    Hi, thought this may help. Welcome to Dogs & Co

    Its a website of a girl i chat with on another forum and she is very clever and experianced in such matters

    Goodluck to your friend, what ever she chooses (2nd dog or not, male or female)

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    I will second occy in this one and say a male/female combination may be best as it will be her fist time with multiple dogs.

    I agree it comes down to individual dogs and circumstance however a male/female is less likely to have territorial/dominance issues.

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