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Thread: Shelter Lies

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    What concerns me is that you volunteer at a shelter. I suggested you check out reputable shelters, take your time and research. Poodle crosses are prone to many problems mainly due to the way they are bred. On the 3rd of Aug you asked for advice and on the 6/8 you found your dog.
    The over the counter product is not working and you need a vet consult. You are also studying vet nursing so would understand this has gone on long enough.

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    It is fine to make is another entirely to come here claiming to want advice and then not listening and continuing to make mistakes.

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    Took her to the vet today, turns out it is an ear infection and I was given antibiotics and an ear cleaner to use twice a day. We have to go back next week, because the vet couldn't see inside the ear properly due to all the build-up in there.

    She also has luxating patellas, but the vet said it's rare to find a poodle cross that doesn't these days, and said it doesn't seem to bother her at all. The vet dislocated the knee caps while feeling them, and it didn't bother Pixel at all, so she is fine for now, but I guess this should be operated on at some point.

    But the good news is that Pixel has perfect teeth, and the vet said this is very rare for poodle crosses these days.

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    Hi Julie,

    I have been following this thread and really felt for you.

    I do have a rescue dog like most members here and witnessed untruthfulness in information. Despite of some mishaps it did not change my love for the dog, Chookie Not Yet Cookie. I am sure this applies to you too.

    Take care of yourself and the little darling, and let us know how she is doing
    I love cooking but I love eating even more.

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    If the patellas aren't bad they probably won't need operating on.
    It's only when it is imparing movement you need to consider surgery.

    Good luck.

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