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Thread: At a Loss for Which Dog

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    Default At a Loss for Which Dog

    Hi All,

    Myself and my girlfriend over the past 1-2 months have decided we would like to have our very own dog.

    I am 25 and she is 24. We both work Full time 8:30 - 5.

    We have done a fair bit of research on a few dogs but we just cant seem to find one that is best going to suit our situation. We aren’t dog breed experts so I thought it best to see if anyone on here could gives us some suggestions based on our situation.

    So as said we both work full time so it will need to be a dog that wont go insane being at home 8 hours a day by itself. It will however receive all the attention in the world on weekends and at night with walks and park / beach outings etc as we are an active couple.

    We currently live in a townhouse so we don’t have an incredibly large yard space for the dog. We would have approximately 9 x 3 meters of grassed area and 6 x 2 of gravel / rock path (imagine a large L with the grass forming the vertical portion and the rock / path area being the horizontal and that is the shape of our yard space)

    We don’t mind having the dog inside as we are allowed to have pets in this 2 storey 3 bedroom townhouse.

    We would both love a Rottweiler as my partner has owned one before however I believe its just going to be too big for the area correct?

    Dogs we are very fond and would love to own if yard space wasn’t an issue would be bullmastiff, boxer.

    We are strongly considering a beagle or maybe even Chesapeake Bay Retriever. The beagle seems perfect for our situation but im just a little worried he will get up to no good being alone for so long.

    Our lease is up in 8 months and moving to a premises with a larger yard space would most definitely be do-able if we were to get a bigger dog.

    We just know rotties grow quite quickly correct? and the yard space might just be an issue.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    I don't know much about which dogs are good for apartment/townhouse living but I know a Rottweiler definitely is not. They are a working breed which requires a LOT of exercise and mental stimulation. They will jump 6ft fences to get out if they're not happy and the last thing you want is a Rottweiler roaming the streets due to people's fear of them, plus it would likely be stolen by someone who wants to use it for the wrong purpose. Rottweilers are also not a breed for inexperienced dog owners.

    Probably a small breed would be best given your living situation.

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    I agree with Mollinator! We had a rottweiler and he got to 55kg before he was 1 year old. They need massive amounts on training...socialisation...etc

    Look...I am a believer in not getting a dog when you both work fulltime...I just don't think it is fair on the dog/puppy

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    Have you considered a greyhound? They are big lounge lizards and would be happy with a half hour walk each day.

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    Yeah we would love the rotti but we both know its not desirable at this stage hence why were looking at the smaller dogs.

    I can understand that you may feel a dog is better suited to a retired couple / 1 income family / someone who works from home. Thats one reason we're looking for advice on dogs that wont demand 100% attention.

    For eg breeds that wont get sick of toys / other forms of entertainment whilst were not there and go on a war path to destroy everything in the yard or dig their way under the 6ft fences

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    Thank you for the suggestion on the grey hound. I couldnt see myself owning a grey hound though.

    What about a British bulldog?, I read a bio that they come with inborn lazyness as a natural attribute. Do this lazyness translate into self entertainer?

    They are so cute as well. That's where myself and the GF differ, I love them where as she is not too fussed.

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    I don't think working full time matters at all, it's the amount and quality of time you spend with them when you're not at work that counts. You sound like you'll be taking a dog with you when you're out and about and giving it heaps of exercise and attention.

    Will you still be renting when you move? I wouldn't recommend getting a dog while you're renting because it can sometimes be difficult to find a rental where your dog is allowed......I'm talking about in the future if you're going to be renting for several years.

    Maybe you could speak with some breeders of your desired dogs to find out whether they would be suitable. BTW I've heard that Boxers are a very full on breed too.

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    I can tell you a few breeds that def wont suit... Stafforshire Bull Terrier, American Stafford, GSP, Labrador (infact all the gun dogs) and probably most of the working group... Beagle I wouldnt try either (unless your after an older dog that is already quiet)...

    some breeds you could try - you will need to do more research on - Alaskan Malamute, Akita, Husky, Chow, Marema - these are breeds which I know don't mind spending time alone....

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    I had an Australian Terrier when younger. Both of us worked. He only had a small back yard in one place. He went well.
    I would be looking at a bit older dog, not a pup.
    Many people make the mistake of getting a puppy, taking time off from work to help it settle in then have big problems with separation anxiety, barking etc when their work schedules go back to normal. Always start out as you will be continuing.

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    Hi OD,

    I would recommend mini schnauzer. They are very trainable, energetic, clean but not hyper. But somehow i have feeling you don't like the breed. How about Australian Bulldog. It is a cross breed between EB and Pug. Very cute and compact. My OH says a ridgeback, a bitch. He always want a ridgeback.
    ah American Staffy is nice. Lovely dogs and not confronting as much as English ones IMO. Happy searching!!!

    I also forgot to say whipphets-elegant but such a placid dogs-love to run but also happy to sit and wait for you
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