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    We have a small area outside the laundry where James gets let out during the day to toilet. It's enclosed by the pool fence at the back end and the side gate at the front. There are boulders down the side and a 6ft wooden fence atop them, however...there is a slight gap between the two.

    Up until this point I wasn't entirely sure if it was physically possible to make it up into the neighbour's yard using this gap under the fence, and if it was, James certainly wasn't big enough to make it yet.

    However, I popped him out there earlier for 5 minutes. Went to check on him as he sounded like he'd moved onto eating palm fronds....he was gone! I figured he'd finally worked out how to escape, ran inside to grab his leash and some biscuits and headed back outside. I called his name a couple more times before going over to the neighbours' and he suddenly appeared.....on the OTHER side of the pool fence!! What the hell?

    My dog apparently magicked his way through a fence. There's no way between the bars or around the fence. I'm completely confused by him at the moment. But very pleased he showed up when called! Magic puppy.

    Anyone else have any "wtf?!" dog moments to share?

    Edit: Oh, while I'm at it, I don't think I've shown him off since he came home, so I give you my handsome boy, now aged 7 months:
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    Hey Niques,

    Of course. I have one to share.

    I was in a share household with my friend dog Zoe. She was about 50 kg and ridgeback size. She had dark brindle coat, strong body, short legs, long but wide face with bull terrier, slanted eyes. By her look only, you will think she will eat you alive and I am not joking. We had more than 2 mitre fence around backyard, but she was found freely looking for food around neighbourhood!!! We tried to find out how she had done. So we took Annie with us and hid behind small bush near the house. We could here Zoe whimpered and cried, and heard some scratch noise, and then there she was wagging her tail… no her whole body to us. We could not say anything….We were just looking each other …..How could she?… effortlessly and quick. After almost twenty years we still talk about that, not knowing how she did. Yes she was Miss Houdini.
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    Just friday night i had to go into town to pick my slightly drunk OH up from the yacht club, due to me driving a ute and it raining i left the dogs at home. Peg can't stay inside unsupervised so i left Blue inside, locked the doggy door and put Peg in the dog run knowing that she would jump out the moment i drove out the driveway.

    By the time i dragged OH out of the club he had decided that he needed something from his parents (at 10.30pm?), we then got stuck there for longer as his parents returned from europe that night and wanted to show us photos of their new photo (meanwhile i'm thinking peg would have eaten the door by now). Anyway we got out of there and finally got back to my place and peg was inside. The doors were locked, no windows open and the only way she could have gotten through the dog door was by forcing and breaking it. It has me stumped how she did it.

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    i want a dog but my mother not like.

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