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Thread: Pet Loo Replacment Grass

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    Question Pet Loo Replacment Grass

    Does anyone know what the differance is with the grass that is on the markets?

    Pet Loo Mini Wee grass sell's for $79 at my local pet store and there is an eBay seller selling the same grass for $15 + $9 postage

    Does it matter what grass I get? The grass on eBay is syntethic commercial grade grass

    Are Pet Loo just trying to cash in when selling the high priced grass or is there a real reason why its better to buy one then the other?

    Its the differance between 2 pieces of grass and $158 or $48!

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    at that price I'd get one and test it yourself.... never heard of the product myself... good luck sounds like a bargain..

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    I agree with Kimba...try it out and if you know where to get it cheap

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