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Thread: Our Puppy Died the Same Day We Got Him

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    Oh wow, in your link Natty it says 50%, I can't find the article I originally read it in, but it was similar to that one.

    There are many breeders in Aus who are trying very hard to erradicate problems like this, you just have to know where to look and where to buy from

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    I am also very sad for your loss. Unfortunately I hear stories like this all the time. When you are up to it I would definitely report them to RSPCA. They have started a campaign about puppy farms.

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    Did the pup come from a puppy farm? if so fair trading would get involved, but if only from a back yard breeder or even with a pup from a registered breeder they will not get involved, they might make a phone call to the breeder for you, but if it is a private person and not a business they will not act.

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