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Thread: Dog Hair Makes Me Wanna Putting Down My Dog.

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    she not abused thank you very much. I just cannot keep her anymore

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    U just sound like a whinge person.... Seriously dog hair is nothing... Get a life

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    Quote Originally Posted by warakawa View Post
    she not abused thank you very much. I just cannot keep her anymore
    I don't know if this is directed to me, but I mean a rescue organisation you can surrender your dog to who will be able to find her a new home.
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    You have got to be kidding me!!
    Yes, pet stores cause these problems, but by frelling god do you not think that maybe its your fault too?? How discusting do you have to be to get a dog and give it a home for FIVE YEARS of its life then want to PTS just because it sheds!! Its wrong!! And like everyone has said please do NOT get another pet.
    Please call around your local area and try to find a no-kill shelter or rescue. I am not usually this abrupt with people but this dog diserves better.

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    Where are you located?

    Because if you are serious and near me, I will take him off your hands and find him another home.

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    Merrylands, Sydney

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    okay speak to Monika at Doggie Rescue

    or your local animal welfare league office Animal Welfare League NSW | St George / Sutherland Branch

    If you need any more help please time me, just don't get him put down.

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    Wow! That is SO sad!

    Don't you feel some sort of absolute love for her? Don't you have this amazing bond with her? You've had her for 5 years?

    I've had my puppy for about 6 months and I love her more than words can say! I feel tears coming on when I even think of doing what you want to do! I just cannot understand it.

    My puppy loses hair, she chews things including an $100 pair of shoes I had a week, she is naughty, she used to wee and poo inside, she has vomited inside and had the runs down the hallway BUT her companionship and the love she has for us as her owners makes up for all that time a million!!!

    Surely I'm not the only one who feels this way about their dog?! I assumed this was a normal attachment someone had to their pet?!

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    Oh my gosh she is just adorable!

    Honestly, it's beyond me how people can seem to have so little feeling for such beautiful animals.
    You could try advertising in your local newspaper. Charge a SMALL rehoming fee to weed out any people just after a free dog, $50 would be ok.

    Sadly a lot of people think that short haired dogs = less work but that's not always true. Really short hairs tend to shed and weave themselves into carpet and upholstery making them hard to clean up. Dogs with longer hair don't shed as much on your floor, but they still shed, it just gets tangled and stays on the dogs body which is why regular brushing is necessary.

    It's a shame you didn't realise 5 years ago that you had a problem with her, it's much easier rehoming younger dogs.

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    Oh wow...some pretty nasty comments towards members here! Warakawa has been banned for obvious reasons.

    Thread closed
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