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Thread: Your Opinion on BSL

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    Default Your Opinion on BSL

    So just wondering what peoples thoughts are on Breed Specific Legislation?

    After voting please put in a short post stating why you chose the option you did.

    Thanks guys
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    BSL is a warped way of looking at things really!

    Judging by breed! You can have the sweetest AmStaff (unregistered ones are to be thought of in this post due to registered AmStaffs are not on the BSL...YET) and then the most aggressive..lets say SWF just for arguements sake.

    Sure...there is no doubt an AmStaff can do more damage than a SWF. It should be all about dog owner education and actually educating people regarding their chosen breed. Educating people that lets say the AmStaff have certain traits...they LOVE people, but can be somewhat suspecious of dogs if not socialised early. They ADORE children and make a great family pet.

    Isn't it about time the GOOD traits of the breeds are put in the spotlight instead of some journalist garbage...overly dramatised stories of "pittbull like dogs"...sheesh!

    I see red over this!

    What will be the next?!? Pugs are banned because irresponsible breeders don't do the best for the breed and they have severely bulging eyes..........or Dachshunds are banned because they have long spines and have a tendency to slipped disks!

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    In my opinion, BSL is a load of crap. Because my dog doesn't look typically staffy (well, he does if you minus the hair ), people are surprised when I tell them what breeds he's crossed with, as he's playing with their dogs!

    I have met far more friendly, well-socialised bull-breeds than I have SWFs, and I own one, too.

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    I think it's silly! I can see why some people think it's a great idea but I think Owner Specific Legislation would solve the problem just as well as BSL! Lol!

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    Newbie but I think more information on it should be available to the general public. I wasn't even aware of BSL in Aus until I looked here. I knew in america that some countys don't accept pits, thats about my total knowledge of it, oh and something to do with greyhound wearing muzzles out here whilst walking?

    I really have no idea on it, so I believe more literature on BSL & general laws should be available (even if its just pamphlets at the vet) the more the public knows about certain laws, the more they can fight back on any injustices.

    But right now, in the case of BSL, its pretty much a case of if it doesn't directly involve you, you don't know about it.

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    If BSL is right, then we should be able to discriminate against people based on their ancestry. It's about as right as racism.

    Really, dogs should be judged on their behaviour. If they behave badly - their owners should be punished. Dogs should not be identified as a specific breed unless there is a dna test done too. It should not be up to council rangers to guess what kind of dog it is.

    There are so few true pitbulls - ones that came with breed registered papers, that it would be highly unlikely to ever meet one.

    However random BYB of dogs will end up with a mutt that looks either like a scruffy terrier, a wolf, or a bully / pit bull type eventually returning to a dingo like look (cf street dogs across Africa and Asia). They're called "proto dogs" I think.

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    Hi everyone,

    I am an ignorant one. I am like B2B. I will be reading and educating myself. Thanks
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    It's sick, demented, & 100% Useless.

    Thats all.
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    Did not work in QLD for sure doubt very much it has worked anywhere else either. Owners are the problem not the dogs per se.

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    "If BSL is right, then we should be able to discriminate against people based on their ancestry. It's about as right as racism."
    Brilliant Hyc, thats a perfect way of putting it.
    Education not Legislation

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