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Thread: Anyone Know PupPupPuppies?

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    Default Anyone Know PupPupPuppies?

    A pet store here in melbourne that sells pups. My friend (and room-mate) recently bought a puppy from here. I had not warned her about puppy mills and all that stuff now she is extremely upset. She bought a pure bred maltese from the store, it is just over 10 weeks old. Do you guys know of this store Puppuppuppies? Any idea if they support puppy mills? I know a few stores I've seen have signs up saying they do not support puppy mills and only buy from stable home breeders but my friend says she cannot remember if they had a sign saying that.

    The shop is about 2 hours drive from me on the other side of the city in melbourne so it's an effort for me to go and check. I was hoping to find some information about it before my friend went back to speak to the guys there about it. Their website is here but it's the only information I can find about them.

    My friend and I are here just trying to find some information. It's almost my fault as I told her to find a proper known reputable breeder like I did for my westie, I only told her that I never told her WHY she shouldn't get one from a pet store. She told me she was looking at breeders but she didn't think there was a difference in where you bought them from.

    www[.] is the website btw

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    just going on the website i would say it is a high likelihood that they support puppy mills. having that range of breeds they have a higher chance of bringing in pups from dodgy breeders.

    even so there is not much you friend can do now we live and learn, lets hope that the pup grows into a healthy happy well mannered dog and leave it at that, so long as your friend and you take a more active approach to informing people about puppy mills.

    if you really really want to know for sure ring the place and ask them about the pups they have for sale at the moment, their lines, their health scores etc and see what they say. if they have no idea or are unwilling to give details about the puppies background then they will have gotten their pups from a puppy mill.
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    I would say the puppies are from a BYB then. No RRR breeder I know would ever sell to a pet shop.
    Maltese's are very difficult to tell if they are purebred or not, for example, although not common in Australia, the Coton de Tulear looks almost exactly the same in my eyes.
    Oh btw, purebred doesn't always equal 'better' or 'good'
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    Tipping they get their pups from farms. Or they will have a network of byb.
    We have seen so many sick pups from a shop such as this.
    And I agree purebred doesn't always equal better, but a healthy breeding pair that don't have any genetic probs does help.
    Your friend has the pup now so enjoy her. Just spread the word about puppy farms.

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    smells like puppy farm puppies to me

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    Did your friend get official ANKC papers for the maltese?

    if not then it's not officially a maltese. I think the cost of papers is about $25 but I've heard of some dodgy people asking $200 or more - which tends to put pet owners off - and so they get away with lying about the dog's breeding.

    They meet all the criteria for puppy mill.

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    Hey I might have some information that can help you...I didn't know about things like BYBs or puppy mills before I bought my new dog from this exact store. I spent a few months searching for a westie. I called every single registered breeder for westies that I could find, none had any litters for awhile. I called around 30-40 stores before coming across puppuppuppies who had 3 female westie all sisters.

    I bought a 10 week old female West Highland Terrier from the "puppuppuppies" store about 1.5 years ago. We've had no problems with her at all so far (knocks on wood) She is been healthy all this time, never had any problems with allergies or any other conditions westies seem to have as young puppies. She is very social, loves strangers and other new dogs. So yeah, so issues whatsoever with her.

    This was her at 10 weeks (the day we got her)

    This is her now at almost 1.5 years old

    Either I've been extremely lucky or my westie came from a good place...I'll never know though.

    I did find out about puppy mills a year after I had got my westie...I called pup-pup-puppies up and the lady was saying they do not support puppy mills and would never get puppies from them. She said she personally has known the lady they get the westies from for many years. I also asked if they did have any westies in store at the moment and she said "no we wont have any for some time"

    I am not sure if she is lying or not...who knows though.
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    I'm sorry to interrupt this thread please forgive me.

    But Mellon, you joined just now at 1:37am in the morning to add this? Its a bit suss, don't mean to offend.

    IMO Its a bit weird. I found an add for them on the trading post, saying they have "Cavoodles" for $755!!!!! and they come with a whole 7 day guarantee ....wowzers! and labradoodles for $795! and then they have an english cocker spaniel for $525? so.....the purebreds are cheaper than the "designers" no wonder they are called that!

    Its listed on an answers site as a petshop/puppy mill combo.

    I am so far against Puppy Farms, you would not believe. The things I have seen scar you for life, whether you are an animal lover or not.

    I, for personal reasons, did not get a purebred. I would rather adopt a scraggly friend, so that if they ever went missing I would be worried about THEM and not how much money I invested in buying them.

    If I had all the money in the world, I would be buying the love of my life breed, an English Sheepdog, gosh to own one would be an utter dream. I applied for a rescue one some time ago, only to find out there was a long waiting list. I was (and actually still am LOL, I should fix that) on the waiting list for litters with our local Breed council here, have been since December, they planned breeding was missed out, and they are quite rare breeds in Aus, so 1. I couldn't wait another 2-3 years to get a puppy & 2. It is probably better off that I didn't as I found this breed can fetch upto $1800 or more per puppy. Gosh wishful thinking though, I would do almost anything in the world for one.

    If you have the $800 there to spend on a "designer" crossbreed, go get a purebred pup from a responsible registered breeder, I have seen some purebreds round the 350 mark, so thats as cheap as going to a shelter.

    If you want a crossbreed, please try the pounds or local animal rescues. The good thing with Animal Rescues is they will usually let you do a weeks trial in a dog you are 100% serious with, that way if any major conflictions take place the Rescue will take them back.

    I have such a softie heart, but have seen too many bad things. We have a puppy farm here, about 20 minutes away, and theres nothing I can do about it, theres also several larger ones that the Governments ignore.

    Sorry, my hackles raise with this particular subject.

    Give a lovely pup/dog from the pound, who has limited time, a beautiful home

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    I didn't know about puppy mills or BYB's when I got my dog. I had never had a dog before and no one else ever explained this stuff to me before I got my westie.

    I am just saying I got my west highland terrier from this place. She has never had any health issues, never issues with food, no issues with socialization etc. No separation anxiety or any of that stuff.

    I would NEVER buy another dog from a pet store AFTER I found out about all this other stuff with puppy mills and BYBs - In-fact my family and I have already agreed that our next dog will most likely be from a shelter...this doesn't change the fact (knocks on wood) that my westie has been perfectly healthy since the day we got her.

    Here is a photo I just took of her records for proof

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    That's just a vaccination record

    Yes, you have been lucky, infact there are a lot of 'lucky' people out there who never have a problem, then they tell their friends about the wonderful dog they got from "insert pet store name here"
    That's how the puppy mill cycle continues and why people will never stop buying from them.

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