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Thread: Tail Docking Ban

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    I too prefer the docked tail in Rotty's and a few other breeds.

    Working dogs for instance need their tails for balance and navigating herds etc.

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    This is my Rottie, why would you dock this lovely tail?
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    None of our (father in law in his 70's and Hubby) working dogs have ever had docked tails nor any tail injuries in 45 years of working with sheep and cattle.
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    I see a lot of 'I like...' 'I think...' 'I prefer..'

    I would like to ask if anyone has any idea what actually goes on in a tail docking?
    The cut goes through incredibly sensitive well developed nerves, cartilage, bone and skin. Some of the time the operation or placement of the band is done without anaesthetic.
    Some dogs form scar tissue(nueroma) later in life which can cause discomfort. As Hyc said, some suffer the frustrating 'ghost limb'.
    Dogs have evolved over thousands of years. Certain breeds have evolved into what they need and what they don't need, thats quite obvious. Why do you think there are different sizes, shapes, ears etc.? If specific breeds didn't need a tail, they would have phased that out centuries ago. Like the Corgi for example.
    The original docking was done for a purpose, and they weren't as clued in with animal welfare as we are today.
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    Mollinator that is a beautiful tail, I can't imagine what she would look like without it.

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    Default Tail docking of newly born puppies has been given the green light

    Hyacint wrote:
    So why inflict that for no reason on an animal that can't consent.
    The issues here are about ethics rather than the subsequent pain or “phantom limb”. The physical and physiological consequences of limb amputation are extensively researched in humans more thoroughly than in animals for obvious reason and the findings are inconclusive.
    I am sure that no animal will ever give consent to be castrated. I am wondering what pain they are experiencing when their testicles or uterus are removed. This drastic and unjustified procedure is causing the permanent physiological and physical suffering and is related to later behavioral disturbances and personality changes. Please do not go into argument that this reduces the risk of prostate cancer and various testicular diseases because based on this assumption the tail docking also reduce the injuries and shold be perfomed for the same reason.

    Every vet who is against a tail docking but still performs the bilateral orchiectomies or hysterectomies on animals is a barbaric hypocrite who cares only about his income not about the animal welfare.

    Correct me if i am wrong but I am sure that no man or fertile women on this planet will ever give informed consent for their testicles or ovaries & uterus to be removed for no medical reason.

    Thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorry View Post
    I must say that certain breeds of dogs (Boxer, Doberman, Weimarener or Rottweiler) with undocked tail looks like a human with the third leg.
    Oh pleaaaaase!!! My rottie does not look like human with 3rd leg!!! Just because you are USED to certain look. I didn't vote because I am undecided really. I don't think docking causes any pain and discomfort if done properly, but I am very against ear cropping as it takes long time to heal and pups are very much suppressed in that time because they're nbot allowed to fully engage in playing with other dog.

    It's mostly about looks, what else!? I'd understand if you have a working breed so tail somehow gets damaged. So far the only thing damaged in my house is occasional item that gets swung from the coffee table if we're not careful and occasional smack on my leg But even with working breeds it's not fully justified because if we look at some hunting dogs - some have docked tails, some don't; herding breeds some have cropped ears, some don't, molossers and "fighting" breeds some have, some don't. To me it's stupid because no show dogs are involved in flock guarding or fighting wolves any longer (that was the reason for cropping ears). Most of them have city lives and would not see a predator even on the photo
    So, yes its's human vanity, aesthetics or what not. Personally dobes looks prettier to me with cropped ears, they really do, but as I am aware of the process I'd never allow this done to my pup in case I'd ever decide to purchase it.

    And for the comment that certain breeds "lost their character" because of tail docking I could only laugh. What a STUPID constatation. It's like saying a person lost a character because of changing a hair style!
    Respect and you shall be respected. Animal is always right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorry
    [B]Correct me if i am wrong but I am sure that no man or fertile women on this planet will ever give informed consent for their testicles or uterus to be removed for no medical reason.

    Oh but Gorry, men and women regularly consent to having their tubes tied or other invasive procedures to become sterile.

    Sorry, poor argument sir. Please try again.
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    Are you seriously comparing desexing an animal in order to prevent the birth (and likely death) of unwanted offspring, to cutting off a dog's tail to suit YOUR idea of what it should look like?

    Oh please.

    Troll, anyone?

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    Are you saying that the fertile women who never had children will take her uterus and ovaries out rather than contraceptive pill? I am not going into this debate but let’s female readers answer this question.

    To my medical knowledge the testicular removals has never been the contraceptive methods in males but I can tell you one thing - no male on this planet will ever consent this method of contraception.

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